Apple has finally made available the latest version of the operating system for Apple Watch, Watch OS 2. It is the first major update of the operating system that is available for the owners of Apple Watch smart watches, and one of the major novelties that it brings is the possibility of making Apple Watch application by other developers.

Watch OS 2 should have been available two weeks ago, together with the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 9, but due to the high error that was discovered before the release, Apple decided to delay the start of distribution. Apple Watch OS 2 allows third-party developers to create applications that will run directly on the smart watch, without having to rely on a connected phone. This means that applications will have access to sensors built into Apple Watch, it will be faster and it will be easier to use.

  • New features that Watch OS 2 brings are:
  1. As the first major update of watch OS operating system, Watch OS 2 brings plenty of new features to Apple Watch history, mainly through new development tools. Developers can now create applications that will run on the watch instead of the iPhones as it has been the case so far, and now they have access to some sensors and hardware features including Taptic Engine, the heart monitor, microphone and accelerometer.
  1. In addition to the above features, which will allow other developers to create more complex and complete application, Watch OS 2 also includes new background with clock display (photo album and time-lapse images), Complications features of other developers, improvement that extends the time during which the display will remain illuminated after activation at 70 seconds, and activation lock.
  1. In addition, there is a new Time Travel feature that allows you to view the past and upcoming events within Complications features and Nightstand mode that is activated during charging the watch, during which time is displayed. Also, the Maps application now displays instructions for public transport, versatile Siri, the ability to respond to messages directly from the watch, and other well-known applications that are enhanced.

Apple Watch has been greatly improved with support for the “classic” applications, but also with the inserted functions “under the hood”. Thus, a user from the wrist will be able to respond to an email, it is better and easier to use Siri, and he will be able to use the microphone through the watch. The user can use the Apple Watch as an alarm clock while charging and there are provided additional functions such as the grouping of friends, better search, etc. Apple Watch will be able to be used with advanced integration with Siri service, which will be able to monitor the flight, itinerary, responding to emails, warns the weather opportunities or to run applications.