Armaf Hunter Intense Review – Hybrid perfume clone of Dior Sauvage EDT and Paco Rabanne Invictus

Armaf Hunter Intense Review

Armaf created a masterpiece with the Club de nuit for men, but with Armaf Hunter Intense, they did something that not many clone houses are capable of doing – creating and releasing a hybrid of two popular perfumes while smelling stellar. This is review of Armaf Hunter Intense.

Armaf Hunter Intense is a hybrid of Dior Sauvage and Paco Rabanne Invictus. Armaf perfumers brought popular elements of Sauvage EDT and Invictus together. The end result is stunning. It comes in EDP concentration.


The looks of Armaf Hunter Intense are polarizing at best. It looks like a grenade and yes, it will definitely give you trouble in airport’s customs. You are not allowed to carry something that looks like a weapon, so the best way to carry it would be in a decant bottle.

Silage, Longevity, Projection

Armaf Hunter Intense has strong projection and silage. When I wore this and entered a room, got two compliments immidiately, telling me I smelled really nice. It’s projection and sillage is at par with their Club De Nuit Pure Parfum which has one of best projections in all perfumes available right now.

About longevity, Armaf Hunter Intense could do better but at this price, I cannot complain. It projects strongly for about 1-1.5 hours on skin and 2-hours plus on clothes. After that, its smells lingers for another 2-hours. This is in strong heat conditions. In closed environments, it will definitely last for 5-6 hours.

Price and value for money

Armaf Hunter Intense goes for $25 on most online retailers, making it incredible bang for buck. It looks a bit weird but smells like a designer. We give it full points for delivering stellar performance.

armaf hunter intense reviews
  • Price – 10/10
  • Bottle design – 5/10
  • Atomiser – 8/10
  • Compliment factor – 10/10