Armaf CDNIM Pure Parfum Review – Best Creed Aventus Clone 2024

There are a lot of Creed Aventus clones in the market but only a few come close to the real deal. Armaf Club De Nuit for Man Pure Parfum, is the best among the clones. It is not cheap but compared to insane $500-600 price tag of Creed Aventus, the Armaf’s offering seem like a bargain.

Armaf CDNIM Pure Parfum Review

The EDT variant costs $35 while the Pure Parfum costs around $60. We suggest going for the Pure Parfum one as it comes in 150ML bottle compared to smaller 100ML that is offered with EDT version.

The opening of the CDNIM EDT is a bit harsh but that has been rectified in the Pure Parfum version, which smells identical to the Aventus minus the pineapple notes. The pineapple note is not completely absent but the citrus notes are more amplified.

Armaf Club De Nuit for Man Pure Parfum review

But the best part is projection which is 3x times better than the Creed Aventus. Creed has changed the composition of Aventus numerous times over the past 8y and it is now very weak. The longevity is simply not there in case of Aventus. The Armaf CDNIM Pure Parfum easily lasts for 6-7 hours on clothes.

This makes Armaf’s perfume not only a good clone but a proper replacement for the Creed Aventus.

  • Bottle design – 6/10
  • Atomizer – 5/10
  • Projection – 10/10
  • Longitivity – 10/10
  • Value for money – 7/10