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Gadgetmix.com was made to update users with latest exclusive technology related news from around the web. While there are a lot of websites that publish technology news, we try to cover that is exclusive or at least not covered on thousands other news outlets. Perhaps, that’s the reason we have some many returning users from around the world.

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Most of the exclusive technology news that we publish on gadgetmix.com caters to USA but from time to time, we also publish about tech news of other countries.

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You can use the aforementioned email address so for suggestions and advertisement queries. Feel free to let us know what you think about the content on gadgetmix.com. There is always scope for improvement and we assure our readers you use your suggestions, criticism and comments to improve our website in future.


To make content more useful and informative to our users, we have latest started adding collections to the site that show best of technology. This acts as a buyers guide for particular topic and allows our experienced staff to help others in their buying decisions.

At gadgetmix.com, we try making technology world a better place.

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We at GadgetMix, would love to review your product, be it software or a hardware. Please contact us for it to see if it is fit for GadgetMix.com (or not).


Please keep the following points in mind

  • We would love the actual managers to interact with us when reviewing the product if they want us, not to forget something in the review
  • Items sent for reviewing purpose will be used.
  • We would not use beta applications(in case of software review)
  • Please make sure that the item sent is not defective(in case of hardware review)
  • It may take upto 4-6weeks for the review to roll out. We’ll try our best though.

Testimonials about the reviews:

Honestly, I loved your review!-Minnie, carrymobile

Wonderful Review!-Ashwani, Palm

A M A Z I N G  pre-release review!
I enjoyed reading it, and I can honestly say I couldn’t expect for more  – SBSH.net