Bitzlato cofounder arrested in USA – Money laundering crypto exchange busted

US attorney Breon Peace has announced that cofounder of Bitzlato has been arrested. The website has also been seized. Bitzlato, according to US attorney allowed hackers to do their operations anonymously. He warned that anybody using cryptocurrency to hide illicit activities will be dealt in similar manner. 


Elon Musk calls himself master of coin after shilling bitcoin and doge coin to his followers

elon musk bitcoin

Ever since Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk announced purpose of 1.5 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin, both Musk and Telsa have been linked to bitcoin. In fact, after this very news broke out, Bitcoin rallied from $50000 to $61000. He changed his name to currency master

Apple Coin idea rejected by Tim Cook

apple coin

Apple coin is not happening anytime soon. Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) said on Thursday that the company has no intention to launch its own digital currency. Facebook announced three months ago that it will launch the digital currency Libra in June 2020 in cooperation with other members of the Libra Association. The project is planned to be managed by the Libra Association established by Facebook.

BTC Lite (BTCL) is ERC20 version of Bitcoin but what does that even mean?

btc lite

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and over the past couple of years, we have seen myriad versions of bitcoin. The BTC Lite is the newest kid on the block and is quite different from rest of the bitcoin clones we have seen so far. The bitcoin lite, or BTC Lite, as they like to call it is an ERC20 version of Bitcoin. So what does this mean?

ICICI Bank will close accounts and credit cards doing Bitcoin trading

ICICI Bank bitcoin trading

ICICI Bank has issued a warning to the credit card users and account holders about bitcoin and forex trading in overseas market. This is what they are saying in the email, “Under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), 1999, a resident Indian is permitted to make only those foreign exchange transactions on ICICI Bank Cards or Account that are permissible and remittance in any form towards overseas exchange trading through internet/ electronic trading portals is not permitted. Indian residents are therefore prohibited from trading in foreign exchange in domestic and overseas market, including binary option trading with commodities, stocks, indices, bitcoin index and forex etc. “

Best Crypto Currencies to Invest in 2018?

Which are the best crypto currencies to invest in 2018? We got into talk with the some of the best crypto coin experts of the world and they came with this list. The crypto currencies given here are in no particular order though. Again, do your research before putting your money into any of the crypto currencies given in the list. We have tried our best to come up with a list but even the top crypto currency experts can be wrong.

Best Crypto Currencies to Invest 2018