Tesla PowerShare Review

Tesla debut PowerShare on the new CyberTruck. This is a big deal as the new truck has a massive 123 kWh battery while the powerwall battery by Tesla is meager 13.5 kWh.

Tesla PowerShare Review

This means if you have Tesla Solar and powerwalls installed in your home or office, you can make use of Tesla PowerShare that would add a whopping nine Tesla powerwalls to your place.

This is huge because if you lose power in home or office for longer time duration, you could use your Tesla Cybertruck to a super charger with power and drive your truck back home.

9 x $8400 = $75,600. Basically you get a free truck. Why by powerwalls at all? Just get the CyberTruck instead. Get like 1 or 2 powerwalls just so you have the system and a permanent backup solution.

So, what hardware we would need to install at home to make the connection? Well, if you already have a gateway from a Tesla Solar setup and a Tesla wall charger you already have all the equipment you need.

This strikes me as something everyone wants but no one will use. In an emergency, why would anyone risk emptying their vehicle. Would you drain your gas tank to run a generator for Netflix?