Meet the Most Expensive Netbook – Adorned Acer Aspire One

If you thought that the Sony Vaio P netbook was expensive (and over-hyped), then see this! A guy called fukuyuki is selling an Acer Aspire One for $3000. It has been painted by a famous Japanese artist, UFO-Hayashi who has painted on several iPods, phones and PCs.

kyo-yu-zen acer aspire one

UFO-Hayashi is one of the most famous Japanese gadget artist, He paints on iPods, phones, PC and any other digital gadgets by using Japanese traditional Zen painting called “kyo-yu-zen” which has more than 1300 years history. His products are often used as props in Japanese domestic dramas.

It is currently on sale on ebay. So, if you have a lot of cash stashed, feel free to hop onto and spend that money on an adorned Acer Aspire One netbook.

In comparison, Sony Vaio P retails for somewhere around $1000 while this Acer blingy Aspire One netbook would require you to cough out $3000. That said, we bet your favorite Vaio P is not decorated by Kyo-yu-zen, who is one of most popular traditional painting artist.