Rapoo VH650 virtual 7.1 channel RGB gaming headset review

Rapoo VH650 review

The Rapoo VH650 virtual 7.1-channel RGB gaming headset features a head-mounted design, with a net weight of about 336 grams. This Rapoo headset is available in fog purple and dark night black, covering both male and female players. Its overall shape is round and round, and the design of the earphone shell has inherited elements of the family’s appearance design, which is rounder and lighter than the VH710 previously listed, which is also a good optimization.


The head beam of Rapoo VH650 virtual 7.1-channel RGB gaming headset is made of metal material. It has excellent bending resistance, can withstand various high-strength bending, and can be elongated vertically by 2cm, which is no problem for daily use.

Rapoo VH650 review

The headband of the headset can be adjusted according to the player’s head shape to better fit our head. The surface of the headband is wrapped with protein skin and filled with 2mm high-density hydrolysis-resistant sponge. The cushioning resistance is very good. Wearing it on the head can obviously reduce the pressure on the head, and the life and use experience can be guaranteed.


The shell of the headphone unit is made of PC material, and an RGB light-emitting strip is designed on the outside. The lighting of the headset is bright enough, and the color changes are smooth, which is enough to enhance the visual effect. The function control panel of the Rapoo VH650 virtual 7.1-channel RGB gaming headset is integrated on the left earphone shell, which can adjust the volume, open and close the microphone and light. When doing blind exercises, these buttons are still easy to find, and the learning cost is not high. , and the convenience has also been improved to a certain extent.

Rapoo VH650

The angle of the headphone unit can be adjusted adaptively, and with the slow rebound sponge, it can create a comfortable and tight wearing environment for players. In addition, the VH650 uses a circumoral protein leather earmuff with a large enough diameter, which is not easy to fall off when wearing, and can completely wrap the author’s ear, which not only solves the problem of ear clipping, but also provides a closed sound pickup environment. The improvement of noise effect is quite obvious.

Microphone built-in

Rapoo VH650 Virtual 7.1 Channel RGB Gaming Headset The microphone of this headset is set on the left headphone unit, which is omnidirectional and can be bent. We can adjust the position of the microphone according to the actual situation. It is worth mentioning that it supports noise reduction function, which can better shield ambient sound and reduce interference during voice communication.

This headset is equipped with a six-core rubber cable with a length of 245cm, which has good bending resistance and excellent softness. No matter where your console is placed, this cable is enough for you. Plus, its USB plug is gold-plated for longer life and less rust issues.


The Rapoo VH650 virtual 7.1-channel RGB gaming headset is priced at 31 dollars It is a full-featured and fully optimized gaming headset. This headset is specially optimized for listening and positioning, and is more suitable for FPS games. In addition, the addition of the backlight and the thick and durable sponge also make this headset more beautiful and easier to use.