SteelSeries Rival 650 Wireless and Rival 710 Review: new high-end gaming mice

The SteelSeries brand  has just presented two new high-end mice oriented, how could it be otherwise, to the most demanding gamers. The mice are part of the Rival series and are presented as 650 Wireless and 710 Gaming, both with very interesting features, the first being wireless and the second with modular cable.

SteelSeries Rival 650 Wireless

SteelSeries Rival 710

The Rival series adds two new members to the scene, the first of which is the 650 Wireless, which as its name indicates is a wireless mouse greatly enhanced by a series of innovative features. It has the new TrueMove 3+ double sensor which has a primary sensor and a secondary (optical) sensor that tracks the lift-off distance.

This TrueMove 3+ sensor is an optical sensor of 12,000 DPIs and 350 IPS that the brand built with PixArt and was introduced for the first time in the series with the Rival 310. Its speed lies in a dedicated SROM that reduces the response time and increases the accuracy of each movement, so that we always have exact control of where we want the pointer.

As a novelty this 650 Wireless incorporates a 2.4 GHz Quantum Wireless wireless system with a sounding rate of 1000 Hz and 1 ms, which gives extremely low latency and guarantees a good connection.

In addition, it adds to its features a fast charge, which according to the brand with only 5 minutes connected to the PC through its cable is able to have 3 hours of battery.

Another novelty is its advanced system of lateral load weights, which allows the user a configuration of 256 different combinations to find the perfect weight and precise center of gravity.

This new Rival 710 is based on the design of its Rival 700 counterpart, to which it adds the TrueMove3 + sensor together with some switches capable of supporting up to 60 million pulsations. As the 700 version incorporates an OLED screen for notifications that is customizable, even with patterns of vibration, sensitivity, button assignment, profile change etc…

We can even add game statistics, our name or nick, logos and many other things through the software that SteelSeries makes available to owners.

The vibration patterns make the games more “sensitive” because they immerse us better in the action and in the game. Obviously, this vibration can be adjusted in intensity if it is not comfortable or we do not need it, leaving the mouse even without vibration if we wish.

The Rival 710 incorporates a fully modular system, that is, its cable is modular and both the sensor and the back cover can be customized or interchanged with other variants of SteelSeries available.

In addition, this Rival 710 incorporates two split shot buttons for durability and exclusive click feel.

In terms of price and availability, SteelSeries has set an amount of 129.99 euros for the Rival 650  Wireless and 109.99 euros for the Rival 710, being available for purchase at the main partner stores or on its website.

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