AeroCool ACPS 1800 power supply that supports up to 8 graphics cards

AeroCool ACPS 1800

AeroCool has just presented its new and powerful ACPS 1800 power supply. This new model manufacturer has been designed taking into account the needs of users engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies, for which is capable of providing up to 1800 W of power and able to power up to 8 graphics cards.

It is for these users for whom AeroCool has developed its new ACPS 1800 source. This new source has been developed to be able to be on 24/7 systems, supporting high workloads from the graphics cards it can feed. And, to support them, the fan that uses the source for cooling is a model of 2,400 rpm, which has a double ball bearing, which ensures a longer operating life before it is necessary to change it for wear. With these 2400 rpm, the manufacturer ensures that the power supply is always well cooled.

The 1800 W that is capable of supplying the new ACPS 1800 source from AeroCool will be used, especially to power up to 8 graphics cards that can be connected to it. This means that, at a minimum, it will have 16 extra 8-pin PCIe power connectors, where its users can connect graphics cards that consume a lot of power, such as the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64. To support this power load, the cables of the + channel 12 V were produced using copper wire 16 AWG of thickness, which allows the power to circulate more smoothly between the power supply and the graphics cards to be powered.

Since it is a power supply that has been designed for cryptocurrency mining, the cables used by the ACPS 1800 are not modular, but are all soldered directly to the source PCB. But, given that in this type of applications, the consumption of the source is very much taken into account, this new model has an efficiency of 90% when it is at 50% load, helping to minimize the cost of the electricity bill, which always It has a strong impact on cryptocurrency mining operations.

The price of the AeroCool ACPS 1800 will be 299.99 euros.

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