7 cryptocurrencies hoping to be the new cash

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Most of us have heard about cryptocurrencies and their efforts to gain entry to the world of everyday purchases. In fact, most of them are already doing extremely well, and they are anticipated to be the next form of cash taking the world by storm. Digital currencies, as they are commonly known, have numerous benefits. They are not controlled by any government, and they are very secure when used in transactions.

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Apple reduces prices of iPhone XR, 8, 8 Plus, XS, XS Max in China

Call it lack of demand or tough competition, Apple has reduced the price of the iPhone in mainland China. The hardest price reduction is in case of iPhone XR whose price has been reduced by whopping 1100 yuan. Now, you only need to fork out 5399 yuan to buy one. Other iPhones including iPhone XR, iPhone8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have also experienced price reductions.

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Huobi Group Authorizes HBUS To Use Huobi Name In U.S.

As part of Huobi Group’s ongoing plans for global expansion, HBUS, its U.S. strategic partner, has licensed the Huobi brand and rebranded its digital asset marketplace using the Huobi name. Going forward, the HBUS marketplace will be known in as Huobi. HBUS Holdco, Inc. (“HBUS”) continues to be the company operating the U.S. trading platform.

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Video ringtone app, Vyng launches in India–video callertune app

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Vyng, a US based company has made an app that brings video ringtone feature in smartphones. This app allows users to set a lock screen video ringtone through their app. On offer are variety of bollywood videos and you can easily set them as your video ringtone by just few screen taps. There are plenty of free and paid videos at your disposal.

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