An Early Version Of Samsung’s Next Galaxy Phone Might Have Just Leaked

Samsung's Next Galaxy LeakedSamsung’s Galaxy phones have become very popular and have created a growing fan base for the company. That is why fans are getting excited about the new leaked picture of the Samsung Galaxy S6. This was a prototype developed completely by scratch. The outside shape of the phone resembles the roundness found in the previous Galaxy S5, and even in the Galaxy S4. However, the back of the panel looks a little different from what can be seen of it in the leaked picture. The material of the panel is tough to identify, but it doesn’t appear to be the same kind of glossy plastic that was on the Galaxy S5. In fact the material looks much nicer and smoother. As for the edges of the phone, they look to be made out of metal material just like the edges on the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha.

The origin of the leaked photo is anonymous because it was anonymously leaked to the phone news website, Phone Arena. That is why there is some skepticism as to whether the leaked photo is authentic or not. But even if the photo is of the real prototype, that doesn’t mean the final model is going to look just like the one in the photo. All we can do is speculate until Samsung makes an official announcement about the Galaxy S6. This announcement is expected to be made sometime in March, which is only one month away. The unveiling will be held at the Mobile World Congress, which is the place where Samsung normally announces their newest line of products that are scheduled to be released during the first half of the year.

As for the leaked photo, there are so many products from many companies that always have leaked photos of their products. Some of them are genuine while others are fabricated in order to stir up conversation. It is hard to tell what to believe on the internet anymore. But this doesn’t stop people from wanting to believe in what they see in these pictures. This makes the anticipation for the next Samsung gadget even more exciting. That is why Samsung doesn’t publically denounce the leaked pictures because they know it will get people talking about their products. Of course they do not admit this, but it is pretty obvious to a layman person reading all of the conversation about the photos in social media and blog websites.

50 Cent Disagrees With Taylor Swift: ‘Spotify doesn’t undervalue what I do’


Spotify Doesnt UndervalueWe have all heard of video game and movie streaming services before. Now there are music streaming services, like Spotify, that make Taylor Swift think it undervalues the work of musicians and artists. The controversy with Spotify has made many musicians angry because major record labels and producers are keeping a majority of the royalties and not giving it to the artists. Swift believes that Spotify is an experiment that does not fairly compensate artists, producers, writers and creators of the music. Spotify offers their music streaming services for only $9.99 per month and new users get a 30 day free trial. This premium subscription service gives people unlimited access to millions of songs. Therefore it is understandable why some artists might feel they are being cheated out of their fair share. Even at that price, it is practically like letting people download the music for free. In fact the basic subscription service is free, but with occasional pop up ads. You can use your computer, tablet or mobile phone to listen to this music.

Rapper, 50 Cent, disagrees with the other artists like Taylor Swift who believe Spotify is bad. He thinks it does not undervalue artists and that it is a smaller production when compared to films and television shows. The music producer, Quincy Jones, even stated that music streaming is not the enemy. As for the CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek, he denied the criticism and stated that the company does appreciate artists. That is why they paid out $2 billion in royalties to the artists, which might have not been generated if the music was accessed by people through piracy. At least with Spotify, people can legally download music from a legitimate source that is truly affordable.

Spotify’s streaming service is not like the ones from the old days with companies like Napster, which was a peer-to-peer file sharing service that mostly contained music files. People could just log into Napster and share copyrighted music files with other people and not pay anything. This is the kind of thing that takes away royalties from artists. On the other hand, Spotify is charging people for the service or at least generating revenue through advertisements for the free users. Either way, money is being generated that goes out to the artists. So perhaps, 50 Cent is right in this debate because the royalties have in fact been paid out by Spotify. Therefore, they are truly a legitimate music streaming service and should be trusted by everyone in the entertainment industry.

One Of The Best Android Phones Will Be Super Cheap Next Month

Android phones have become popular for a variety of reasons. Not only are they easy to use, but they are also the most affordable Smartphones on the mobile marketplace. But this doesn’t mean you can’t wait until they get even cheaper. The newest Android Smartphone will be cheaper next month because Motorola is offering a $140 discount off any purchase on their website that is $499 or more. This means you can get a 64 GB Moto X with no contract for only $360, instead of the retail price of $500. This is Motorola’s best Smartphone yet with lots of memory and completely free of all bloatware. If you want to get a less expensive Motorola phone with more accessories, you could get the 32 GB version of Moto X with a case, charger and wallet case for only $375. This is about the same price as the 64 GB Moto X without the accessories. So it really all depends if the extra memory is worth more than the accessories. Of course, you can still shop around on the Motorola website and try to find your own unique combinations of items to purchase at a discount.

To take advantage of this special discount offer, you have to register at the Motorola website in order to receive the special promo code. Unfortunately, this registration opportunity was only available on February 2nd between noon and 1PM. For those who already got the code, they have until February 14th to use it. However, people who do not have any promo code can still take advantage of some good discount opportunities on the website. You can still get $100 off any $500 purchase, and you can even get $35 off any $250 purchase. These discounts are not as big as the other one, but they are still considerably generous and will save you some good money.

Motorola is a brand that has always been able to merge quality with affordability. Their newest phones have large high definition screens, fast computer processing and a Google Now feature. Best of all, the Motorola phones contain the latest version of the Android operating system. This means you will be able to download apps from the Google Store and play them on your device. Therefore, if you are looking for a super cheap phone then you better take advantage of these discounts quickly before they run out. You never know when Motorola will have another discount opportunity like this one.

You’ll Be Able To Buy The Apple Watch In April (AAPL)

Buy Apple Watch in AprilSmartwatches have taken the tech community by storm. And of course, any kind of gadget that Apple releases is sure to draw attention. That is why excitement has already stirred up in the tech community after Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the “Apple Watch” was going to be available in April. He did not mention a specific date for April, but it still has people curious about it because there was not much information revealed about the watch itself. That is why Apple will likely have another event where the specifications of the Apple Watch are gone over more thoroughly. People at the unveiling last September only got a tiny glimpse of its abilities.

The biggest deciding factor for people when it comes to purchasing anything is cost. Consumers have been pretty quick to purchase anything Apple though. But on the upside, the cheapest variation of the Apple Watch will be around $350. This is still kind of expensive, but not as expensive as a new iPhone. The variations of the watch itself have to do with the materials it is made out of. Some of the cheaper models will be made out of stainless steel while others will be made out of gold. So these aren’t just going to be technical gadgets that you are wearing on your wrist. They can literally be called jewelry because they will be as valuable as real jewelry. The gold Apple Watches are expected to cost in the vicinity of $5,000.

The second thing people consider in their gadgets is battery life. For the Apple Watch, its battery life is currently a mystery to people. The only information revealed by Apple was that you will have to charge your watch every night. This could mean the watch will stay charged all day, so by the time you go to sleep you can just recharge it then for the next day. Some rumors suggest the watch may have 19 hours of battery life on a single charge. This is more than enough battery life for most people who sleep 8 hours per day and are up for only 16 hours.

People are anxiously awaiting the next update as April is only two months away. Variations of the Apple Watch are expected to have different components in them as well. We will just have to wait until Apple’s next announcement in order to find out what these components are.

Sony is Secretly Creating

Sony Is Secretly Creating A Watch Made Of Electronic Paper That Changes With Your Gestures


Sony is Secretly Creating

Smartwatches have certainly grown popular by tech enthusiasts. These are the smart

wearables that you wear on your wrist like a watch. It can give you real time data about your

heart rate, speed and distance traveled. They can even connect to your other mobile devices as

well. But, the one thing people always seemed to complain about with smartwatches was its

fashion design. They have usually been too bulky or too heavy for many people, which made

them uncomfortable to wear. That is why it should be no surprise that Sony is working on a way

to change this.

Sony is working on a new smartwatch called “FES Watch,” which is the first smartwatch

to be made out of electronic paper. This would be exciting news to people who know what

electronic paper is. For others who have never heard the concept, they might still be thinking of

traditional paper. This is understandable because electronic paper has not really gotten much

media attention, even though it is a very impressive piece of technology. It is basically a “device”

that is about as thin as paper and which you can write on. Then instead of throwing the paper out

when you are done writing, you can erase the text on the e-paper and use it to write on again. It

can also display upload images, eBooks and any other designs you put into it. So basically, the

electronic paper has the ability to change looks at any time it is programmed to.

Sony has branded these electronic paper wearables under “Fashion Entertainments.” Now

people will be able to change the design and color of their watches without having to buy a new

one. Instead they can experiment with hundreds of designs and even get creative by putting their

own designs on the watch. But the excitement of Fashion Entertainments doesn’t stop there.

They are also experimenting with bow ties made out of electronic paper as well. Right now the

company has used the Japanese crowd funding website, Makuake, to raise money. They have

been fortunate to raise $2.7 million yen so far. That is worth about $23,000 in U.S. Dollars.

Everyone who contributed to the fund will be able to order the FES Watch in May of 2015.

Smartwatches have never really been huge with consumers, but the innovation of the electronic

paper being used in wearables will certainly make an impression to tech enthusiasts.

5 Smart Home Gadgets We’re Excited About From CES

CES Gadgets

The International Consumer Electronics Show of 2015 proved that wearables and connectable home electronics are what people truly get excited about. While there were some high end electronic appliances at the show, most of them lacked connectivity to other devices. People want to be able to control other devices and appliances with their Smartphones. The concept of everything being “smart” related is something that tech companies better get used to or else they will be missing out on a huge consumer base. One of the biggest electronics categories that did well was home theater and security technology because they both offered connectivity features.

The Hom Bot Vacuum by LG certainly made an impression at the show. This computerized vacuum remotely cleans up dust and debris from your floor. It has two front facing cameras which can be viewed through your Smartphone. So not only does it act as a cleaner, but it can be used for surveillance as well because it moves on its own.

The Motorola Hubble Smart66 is another security piece of technology that is meant for baby monitoring and watching your kids at nighttime. Not only that, but it can give you scientific data as to how well your baby sleeps. It records their rate of movement during the night and throughout their naps. This gives caretakers the ability to know how much sleep their child has actually gotten and if they should be put down for another nap.

Belkin has increased their WeMo product line to over 25 new appliances and products. If you don’t know what WeMo is, they connect the user’s Smartphone to cloud based applications that give them the ability to control home appliances through their Wi-Fi connection. These appliance brands include Crock Pot, Mr. Coffee and Holmes. Imagine driving home from work and setting your Mr. Coffee to brew you a new cup right before you get into the door. The very idea alone has people very excited.

Okidokeys is a new form of smart locking where a user can lock and unlock their door by using an app on their Smartphone. However, with Okidokeys you don’t have to replace your existing lock because it connects right over the lock on the side portion of your door. And besides using your phone to unlock the door, you can also use key fobs as well. All you have to do is commit to purchasing a Wi-Fi gateway device so you can successfully connect to Okidokeys through a Wi-Fi connection.

Finally, Staples Connect was introduced by Zonoff at the CES. It connects multiple devices together through a special hub device. Users won’t even have to check if their devices are compatible because the Staples Connect app lets you choose and purchase compatible devices by their type. The various types include lights, thermostats, wristbands, speakers and locks.

CES Gadgets

What It’s Like To Use HP’s Crazy New Computer That Can Scan 3-D Objects In Seconds (HP)

3D Scanner

People have said for awhile now that personal computers are on the verge of extinction. Ever since the growing popularity of tablets and smartphones, fewer people have been buying PC products. Mobile computing truly looks to be the future of computer technology. However, this has not stopped tech companies from improving the technology in desktops. In fact, Hewlett Packard’s newest computer “Sprout” is said to be a different type of PC than other desktops. With the help of a giant touchpad mat and a 3D projector, the HP Sprout can actually scan objects that are placed in front of the projector. Then it will turn the scan into a 3D model on the computer.

HP Sprout is like a reverse 3D printer. Instead of taking 3d models and printing them into 3d objects, the Sprout takes 3d objects and turns them into 3d models. This might not seem like a big deal, but the potential use of this kind of technology is unlimited. Not only can it scan physical objections, but also sketches, pictures and photographs as well. Imagine video game designers being able to draw a picture of a character and then being able to turn that character into a 3d model. That way they don’t have to take modeling courses and become an expert on how to build a computer model from scratch. Architects will also benefit from this for sure. They can take their sketches and turn them into an entire 3d model layout right on the computer. This will save companies lots of time and money from having to build these models from scratch.

Before you get too excited, this technology is still in the early stages. There have been bugs and crashes reported on occasion during the 3d scanning. You also have to consider the high price tag of about $1,900 when it finally hits the consumer marketplace. For the common layperson, they probably won’t want to spend that much money on a desktop computer that can scan objects. However, you can surely expect businesses and especially architectural firms to want to get their hands on these computers. The bugs and quirks will still have to be fixed before anything is made definitely. But you should keep checking the news on the HP website to stay informed on the progress of their latest innovations. One day you will surely see more news about Sprout taking off.

HTC Android

LEAKED: Here’s What HTC’s New Android Phone Will Probably Look Like

HTC Android

The new HTC Android Phone is expected to be unveiled around the beginning of March. However there are already leaked photos of this newest HTC phone, which are courtesy of This is a popular tech blog website in France that has a huge reputation for releasing images of Smartphones before they are officially introduced. just released their latest photos of the newest HTC One and it surprisingly looks the same on the front as the HTC One M8, which is the current model. From the metal design and silver color of the body to the dual speakers, everything about the new model looks like the M8.

There are some differences between the two HTC One phones that are noticeable in the photos. For one thing, the camera on the back of the new phone looks a lot larger than the camera on the back of the M8. This bigger camera is a 20 MP camera, which contains more megapixels than any of the other high end phones that only have up to 16 MP. The only exception to this is the Nokia Lumia and Sony Xperia because they have always been known for their camera technology in Smartphones. Aside from the camera improvements, the new HTC One may contain sharper image quality on its 5.2 inch screen. The resolution is said to be 2560 x 1440. Of course, it is hard to tell this from the few leaked images that have been released. Smartphone fans are hoping to learn more about the phone when HTC officially announces it in early March. Until then, people just have to continue speculating on what it could possibly be.

Do you think people will really want to purchase the newest HTC One? There are so many Smartphones on the market and consumer interest still seems directed towards Apple iPhones. It is unlikely that a higher resolution camera is going to entice people into purchasing the phone. However, if history has proven anything it is that tech enthusiasts love to get their hands on the latest gadgets because they want the joy of being able to say they were the first ones to try it out. If that is you then you should pay attention in March and see what HTC has to say about their HTC One. It may have additional features that have not been mentioned yet. Only time will tell.


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