XMG APEX 15 is world’s first hexa core laptop – AMD Ryzen 9 3950X powered laptop

hexa core laptop XMG APEX 15

If this morning AMD gave the starting gun to its Ryzen 4000 Mobile where it has been clearly seen that it destroys Intel, just in case, Lisa Su’s had an ace up their sleeve to fight the new competition that comes from the hand of the i9-10980HK. And it is that together with the German manufacturer XMG and Blue Sky they have just presented what is the total and final auction to Intel in the mobile sector: the first 16-core laptop based on Ryzen, the XMG APEX 15. Yes, XMG Apex 15 is the world’s first hexa core laptop.

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AMD Radeon VII vs NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 specs and benchmark comparison – AMD Radeon 7 vs NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080

Which GPU is better? AMD Radeon VII vs NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080

Entering the high-end gaming graphics card for PC, there are not too many models that we can include in this category.

AMD Radeon VII vs NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080

Two of them, although they are graphics that are more than a year old, are the Radeon VII from AMD and the RTX 2080 from NVIDIA, so today we are going to make a technical comparison between these two graphics to see which of the two is better.

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Laptops and desktops will be obsolete in 2021

We’ve gotten used to it, taken it to the physical limit, and yet it still amazes us every few months with something new. It’s time for you to rest, to make way for something new, better, cheaper to produce, and to boost performance again.

Laptops desktops obsolete 2021

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CoronaVirus: Disinfect PC and laptop to protect yourself from COVID-19

CoronaVirus Disinfect PC and laptop

It is always important to have a clean PC and laptop, but now with the threat of COVID-19 it is more important than ever to disinfect them and more frequently if possible, since given the state of alarm and the confinement that this entails, it is causing us to pass much longer than usual at home.

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AMD RDNA 2 GPU will have fastest GDDR6 memory

AMD RDNA 2 gddr6

AMD RDNA 2 graphics cards will have fastest GDDR6 memory. There is still a long way to go for the new AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards to see the light. The events of these last months are going to delay both events and presentations and the economic conditions are not favorable to launch said GPUs.

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PC sales falls 30% globally due to Coronavirus

Coronavirus PC sales

The predictable has ended up happening. With China in quarantine for more than 56 long days, with half Europe in the same situation due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 and with America on the rise in terms of infections, the economy is suffering the worst world crisis in its history.

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7Tips to Have More Followers on Instagram

Instagram is fast becoming one of the most followed social media platforms in the world. You are on the right track if you have already opened your Instagram account and have published some photos, but you are barely half the battle. You need to start gaining followers. Here are some tips that could help you get followers on Instagram. 

Followers on Instagram

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