Airware launches commercial drones

Airware color logos To some people, drones may still seem like something out of a science fiction movie. But the innovative hardware and software that allows drones to function is getting more advanced by the day. Airware, a San Francisco based company, is developing new software, hardware and cloud services for drones. These features will work through the Airware operating system and will serve as an aerial information platform. In other words, companies from many different industries can benefit greatly with this technology. These industries include mining, oil, gas, mapping and surveying; for starters. With the help of drones, they could reduce their need for manpower and save lots of time by getting their vital work done through the use of these drones.

The Aerial Information Platform developed by Airware is predicted to become the standard in drone technology because of its advanced sensors, data analysis tools and sensors. As of right now, this technology is still in the early stages but in the coming
months it will be available to enterprises. They will have the ability to remotely control their drones through a cloud server. Not only that, but they will be able to integrate the sensory data collected into their business software systems that currently exist. All of this aerial data can be captured within minutes where it would take human beings hours or even days to gather the information.

Commercial drone use has always been slow to advance because it is heavily regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States. A few months ago, the agency set new guidelines which state that commercial unmanned aircrafts must maintain an altitude of no more than 500 feet and it cannot weigh more than 55 pounds. It also can’t go over 100 miles per hour either. The enterprises that use these drones are the ones who have to abide by these federal restrictions because they are the ones doing the flying. Airware can only hope their clients obey these laws and don’t break any of them. Otherwise, they will lose their customers from governmental fines and other penalties.

Airware has already raised roughly $40 million from venture capitalists and investors such as Google Ventures, First Round Capital, GE Ventures and Intel Capital. With all these big names financially supporting the growth of this technology, you can be sure it will take off quickly. In fact we could very well be seeing drones becoming more common in the next 10 or 20 years because of Airware’s innovations.

Google’s wireless service might have just leaked

google-logoGoogle has certainly been very innovative with its computer technology. The company has already come out with their own laptop, which has had great success in the consumer marketplace. They have also developed the Android operating system, which is one of the most popular operating systems for smartphones. Now Google may be coming out with their own wireless service for Android smartphones. Their service, Sundar Pichai, was announced at the Mobile World Congress. Google mentioned this wireless service would be on a much smaller scale in comparison to the bigger mobile carriers like AT&T and Verizon. In fact they are going to buy spectrum from these big carriers and then repackage it under their name in order to create their own mobile virtual network.

The official information about the service is still limited and Google has yet to announce more information. However the Android news website, Android Police, may have found leaked information that contains nearly every detail about Google’s mobile network project. Android Police found a Google app called Tycho that was unreleased to the public. It was located inside the Nexus 6 firmware at It was likely an accident that it ended up there because it was taken down quickly. But it was up long enough for Android Police to collect a lot of vital information about it. They found out the wireless service’s code name is “Project Fi.” People who use the Tycho app for the service will be able to use it to manage details about their plan, take care of billing details, activate accounts and close accounts. It seems like consumers will only have to pay for what they use, so if you have unused data on your plan at the end of the month then it will be credited back to you. But if you go over your data limit then you will be charged a flat rate for the numbers of gigabytes over you go.

These are just some of the details discovered by Android Phone. The details seem promising enough because it looks to be an affordable alternative to the more expensive carriers that require contracts. If this really ends up being a pay as you go type service plan then it could very well put some other prepaid carriers out of business. Of course this is all speculation right now because Google has not officially released these details yet. But if Android Phone’s discovery turns out to be true, then Google could very well be a fierce competitor to a number of mobile service carriers.

Wearables will transform businesses

wearable   In the last decade we have already seen how Smartphones changed the way people do business. Communication is much faster between parties and productivity increases as a result, especially with small businesses. Now it seems like the wearable technology will be the next device to transform small businesses and the way they do business. For example, right now the Apple iPhone 6 has a special app called Apple Pay. This app lets people make purchases online and in select retail stores without using their debit or credit card. All they have to do is pull out their iPhone and hold it close to the contactless reader. Then with the push of their finger, they can pay for their purchase instantly through Apple Pay.

You have probably heard of smartwatches as being a tool for helping you perform recreational activities by calculating your heart rate, distance traveled and so forth. There are plenty of apps that cater to these recreational activities. However, very few people realize these devices have potential in the business world. New wearable apps are being made specifically for businesses. They allow business leaders to track the efficiency of their employees, advertise to customers, track customers, and track employees. As for the employees themselves, they will be able to perform their daily tasks much easier such as updating time sheets, email their boss and take notes at a meeting.

Banking apps are also being made for wearables, which could allow stores to accept Apple Pay payments from your Apple Watch instead of your iPhone. Now customers won’t be able to say they forgot their wallet or even their phone, and businesses don’t have to worry about accepting a personal check without funds. Apple Pay guarantees funs and guarantees more successful business transactions for all parties involved. Since people normally keep watches around their wrists anyways, then they will likely have it when they are at the store.

There is no doubt that mobile technology will eventually take over the business world. The big question is which device will dominate. Since mobile technology is rapidly advancing all the time, it doesn’t take long for a product type to become obsolete. In the 90s there were desktop computers, in the 2000s there were laptops, and in this decade there are Smartphones. Perhaps by the year 2020, we will see wearables as the dominating piece of mobile technology that everyone will have for both personal and business use.

The fingerprint sensor on Samsung Galaxy S6

galaxyThe latest feature on Smartphones that people are talking about is the fingerprint sensor, which can famously be found on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6. This fingerprint sensor was first introduced on the iPhone 5s models from Apple, which put them at an incredible technological advantage over other competing Smartphones in the marketplace. But even when other Smartphone brands started implementing this technology into their own Smartphone models, their fingerprint sensors were not nearly as accurate as Apple’s “Touch ID” fingerprint sensor. Therefore, Apple iPhones remained the dominating Smartphone for this kind of technology.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 may finally bring Apple some competition where the fingerprint sensors are concerned. They have finally created a sensor that matches the accuracy and quality of the Touch ID. With the S6, all you have to do now is put your finger on the sensor embedded into the “Home” button. This will unlock the phone without requiring you to enter in your pass code. You can also save up to four different fingerprints onto this device. That means you can authorize four different people to access your phone, such as family members or even friends. This sensory technology will also be an important part in Samsung’s mobile payment platform known as “Samsung Pay.” Samsung Pay will be similar to the Apple Pay platform where you have to confirm the mobile payments you make by using your fingerprint.

People who have tested the fingerprint sensor of the Galaxy S6 state that it works perfectly and is without flaws. Even when they tried to trick the sensor into gaining them access, it did not work. This accuracy is equal to the Touch ID and will give fans of the sensor a new outlook on Samsung’s Android phones in the future. Previously, Samsung had tried to put this technology into their Galaxy S5, which required users to swipe their finger a certain way over the home button for it to unlock. If the user was just a little off in their swiping ability, the phone would not unlock. This frustrated many Samsung users and forced many of them to just turn off the fingerprint sensor option all together. But it looks like that won’t be the case when more people purchase the Galaxy S6.

Samsung admitted they didn’t solely create this sensory technology for their phone, but rather licensed the sensor from a supplier who remains anonymous. On the other hand, Apple creates their own fingerprint sensors. But this doesn’t really matter to consumers. All they care about is what works great for them, so they will certainly appreciate the great improvements of this technology in the Galaxy S6.

Apple might skip iPhone 6S, calling it the iPhone 7

appleApple has a reputation for updating their existing iPhone models while keeping the same model number. A great example is with the iPhone 5 when they made the cheaper 5C and more expensive 5S models. Instead of just giving the iPhone an entirely new model number, they kept as the same model number and just added a letter after the number. This usually indicates that the phone has not been updated to the point where it is significantly different than the previous version. However, the iPhone 6 might not have the same minor updates that its predecessor had.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, predicts the next iPhone will contain a number of major updates that will make it significantly different than the original iPhone 6. These updates include the new Apple Force Touch technology, which has already been seen in the newest Apple Watch and Apple MacBook. The Force Touch is said to detect the amount of pressure placed on the contact area of the Smartphone. The amount of pressure placed could determine enable certain functions to be performed. It will also have 5-5 inch and 4-7 inch variants in this updated version. So with all of these exciting new features, it is unlikely that Apple will just call it the iPhone 6s and instead jump right to the iPhone 7 name. The major reason for this has to do with the Force Touch because it pretty much changes the entire control function of the Smartphone itself.

The predictions about the Apple iPhone 7 name came just after the Economic Daily News website mentioned the new Force Touch technology being in the next iPhone. Kuo’s predictions about Apple products have been right in the past, such as with the details preceding the iPhone 5 launch. So he is definitely someone whose opinion should be valued. Of course it is still too early to tell what Apple is going to do for their next iPhone release. We only know about the Force Touch technology at this point. We still don’t know any additional features that may be in the next iPhone. The big question is, will the Force Touch technology be enough to just call it iPhone 7 or will there need to be additional upgrades as well? This is the question that consumers and speculators are pondering over right now. It is likely the speculation will continue until September, which is the month that Apple usually unveils their newest iPhone products.

Drones over head in LA’s Valley


Drone technology is advancing very fast. Not only do they have cameras and mechanical functions, but they can now monitor signals that come from Smartphones and other mobile devices. In the San Fernando Valley region, many small drones have been flying over the city since February. Their objective is to track the locations of various mobile devices that give off cellular transmission and Wi-Fi signals. These drones are just an experiment conducted by Adnear, which is a marketing firm based in Singapore and has offices all over the world. The firm acknowledged this experiment was the first time that drones were used to gather data from wireless connections.

Smriti Kataria, the director of marketing and research of Adnear, stated in an interview that the drones did not capture people’s conversations or any of their personally identifiable information. All they do is test the strength of the signals and other indicators on the devices in order to tell where they are. The information received can also determine people’s travel patterns. So, why is this important if it is not used for governmental or law enforcement purposes? Well the idea here is that businesses can partner with these drone companies to send out mobile advertisements any time a person walks by their business establishment. For example, let’s say you walk by a health food store that is partnered with a drone company. Once the drone detects you are walking near the health food store, they will send you mobile ads about the products being sold in the store. People may even receive discount coupons as well.

The capability of drones sending advertisements has not been fully developed yet, but this is what Adnear hopes to accomplish with their experiment. Right now, these drones have only been tested in the San Fernando Valley and have gathered user profiles from over 530 million people. The only way drones can gather data is if mobile users are currently using an app that sends out a cellular transmission or Wi-Fi signal. The app doesn’t have to provide coordinates or mapping information. It can simply be any app that sends out a signal. This signal is all the drones need to map out the person’s location and gather information about the strength of their mobile signal. The drones can even help give people better mobile connections by emulating a Wi-Fi transceiver. That way those who are far away from cellular towers or Wi-Fi connections will be able to receive a strong signal.

An Early Version Of Samsung’s Next Galaxy Phone Might Have Just Leaked

Samsung's Next Galaxy LeakedSamsung’s Galaxy phones have become very popular and have created a growing fan base for the company. That is why fans are getting excited about the new leaked picture of the Samsung Galaxy S6. This was a prototype developed completely by scratch. The outside shape of the phone resembles the roundness found in the previous Galaxy S5, and even in the Galaxy S4. However, the back of the panel looks a little different from what can be seen of it in the leaked picture. The material of the panel is tough to identify, but it doesn’t appear to be the same kind of glossy plastic that was on the Galaxy S5. In fact the material looks much nicer and smoother. As for the edges of the phone, they look to be made out of metal material just like the edges on the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha.

The origin of the leaked photo is anonymous because it was anonymously leaked to the phone news website, Phone Arena. That is why there is some skepticism as to whether the leaked photo is authentic or not. But even if the photo is of the real prototype, that doesn’t mean the final model is going to look just like the one in the photo. All we can do is speculate until Samsung makes an official announcement about the Galaxy S6. This announcement is expected to be made sometime in March, which is only one month away. The unveiling will be held at the Mobile World Congress, which is the place where Samsung normally announces their newest line of products that are scheduled to be released during the first half of the year.

As for the leaked photo, there are so many products from many companies that always have leaked photos of their products. Some of them are genuine while others are fabricated in order to stir up conversation. It is hard to tell what to believe on the internet anymore. But this doesn’t stop people from wanting to believe in what they see in these pictures. This makes the anticipation for the next Samsung gadget even more exciting. That is why Samsung doesn’t publically denounce the leaked pictures because they know it will get people talking about their products. Of course they do not admit this, but it is pretty obvious to a layman person reading all of the conversation about the photos in social media and blog websites.

50 Cent Disagrees With Taylor Swift: ‘Spotify doesn’t undervalue what I do’


Spotify Doesnt UndervalueWe have all heard of video game and movie streaming services before. Now there are music streaming services, like Spotify, that make Taylor Swift think it undervalues the work of musicians and artists. The controversy with Spotify has made many musicians angry because major record labels and producers are keeping a majority of the royalties and not giving it to the artists. Swift believes that Spotify is an experiment that does not fairly compensate artists, producers, writers and creators of the music. Spotify offers their music streaming services for only $9.99 per month and new users get a 30 day free trial. This premium subscription service gives people unlimited access to millions of songs. Therefore it is understandable why some artists might feel they are being cheated out of their fair share. Even at that price, it is practically like letting people download the music for free. In fact the basic subscription service is free, but with occasional pop up ads. You can use your computer, tablet or mobile phone to listen to this music.

Rapper, 50 Cent, disagrees with the other artists like Taylor Swift who believe Spotify is bad. He thinks it does not undervalue artists and that it is a smaller production when compared to films and television shows. The music producer, Quincy Jones, even stated that music streaming is not the enemy. As for the CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek, he denied the criticism and stated that the company does appreciate artists. That is why they paid out $2 billion in royalties to the artists, which might have not been generated if the music was accessed by people through piracy. At least with Spotify, people can legally download music from a legitimate source that is truly affordable.

Spotify’s streaming service is not like the ones from the old days with companies like Napster, which was a peer-to-peer file sharing service that mostly contained music files. People could just log into Napster and share copyrighted music files with other people and not pay anything. This is the kind of thing that takes away royalties from artists. On the other hand, Spotify is charging people for the service or at least generating revenue through advertisements for the free users. Either way, money is being generated that goes out to the artists. So perhaps, 50 Cent is right in this debate because the royalties have in fact been paid out by Spotify. Therefore, they are truly a legitimate music streaming service and should be trusted by everyone in the entertainment industry.

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