Download Chrome OS Flex for legacy Windows and Mac computers

Neverware, which provided a Chromium-based OS “Cloud Ready” that runs on various PCs has made Chrome OS Flex available for download for both Mac and Windows computers. The Chrome OS Flex is said to be a product that integrates the strengths of Cloud Ready into Chrome OS, and is a substantial successor product of Chromium OS.

chrome os flex
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Rolex DateJust 41 Review – Dual Tone DateJust 126333 fluted bezel with champagne color dial and oyster bracelet

rolex datejust 41 review

Rolex makes great watches and DateJust and Submariner are the two most iconic models in its lineup. This is review of Rolex DateJust 41 reference number 126333 that comes with champagne dial and oyster bracelet. This is two tone Rolex watch with Oystersteel and 18k yellow gold.

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Rapoo VH650 virtual 7.1 channel RGB gaming headset review

Rapoo VH650 review

The Rapoo VH650 virtual 7.1-channel RGB gaming headset features a head-mounted design, with a net weight of about 336 grams. This Rapoo headset is available in fog purple and dark night black, covering both male and female players. Its overall shape is round and round, and the design of the earphone shell has inherited elements of the family’s appearance design, which is rounder and lighter than the VH710 previously listed, which is also a good optimization.

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Nesting Games, a new AAA RPG Studio gaming developer now opened

A new video game studio by name of Nesting Games is now opened in Quebec City. This is founded by veteran developers, Frederic Brassard, Jordane Thiboust, Sebastien Brassard and Alexandre Lalancette. It also included talented gaming developers including  Christian Guertin, Cyrielle Barreteau, James Mittag, Sandra Jackson, Ramiro Belanger, Carolane Bruneau, Pierre Paradis, Renaud Lessard, Larouche, Sherwin Barraquio.

nesting games team
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