Weaker Nvidia MX150 found in some laptops

Weaker Nvidia MX150

We have learned that Nvidia has begun selling new versions of its popular Nvidia MX150 graphics card , a model that is often included in many notebook configurations. However, Nvidia has not publicized the release of these new versions and, what is more important, they yield significantly less than the models that are already available. It is quite rare that a manufacturer decides to put a new product on the market to keep quiet, when they are often given a lot of publicity to these new products. This leads us to wonder why Nvidia has decided not to give some publicity to this new model of its quite popular Nvidia MX150 graphics card . And it is that, when a manufacturer tries to hide a new product from the eyes of the press, it is because he knows that he will not be especially well received by it, in principle.

It is true that it is a graphics card that is intended for the laptop market , but it is also true that the performance of the MX150 (made with the Pascal architecture) is far superior to the performance of its predecessor, the GeForce 940MX ( made with the Maxwell architecture). Up to 50% extra power is able to provide this graph.

The new variants of the Nvidia MX150 would carry the identifier N17S-LG-A1 1D12 to differentiate them from those that carry the normal graphic core, with identifier N17S-G1-A1 1D10, that Nvidia has been mounting so far in their graphics cards for laptops. These new graphs would have clock frequencies significantly lower than those used by the current MX150 (which bear the identifier 1D10), since they go from having a base frequency of 1469 MHz with boost to 1.532 MHz and a VRAM that worked at 1.502 MHZ, to have base frequencies of 937 MHz with boost up to 1.038 MHz and a VRAM operating at 1.253 MHz.

The drop in the clock frequencies of the GPU and the VRAM already indicate that we are facing a model that should be oriented more towards laptops that take into account the battery consumption, since the new graphic cards seem to have a consumption of only 10 W , compared to the 25 W that usually have the normal MX150 as usual. However, this drop in operating frequencies also means that the new graphics are up to 25% less powerful than the Nvidia MX150 1D10 that usually ride laptops to date.