OnePlus 12R root guide – Rooting OnePlus 12R in 5 minutes

Rooting instructions are now available for the OnePlus 12R. This will allow you to run applications that require super user privileges. 

oneplus 12r root

First, you need to unlock the bootloader of OnePlus 12R.

Download android platform-tools from google. Platform-tools includes adb and fastboot which we will use in the rooting process.

Enable developer options on your phone
Enable OEM unlocking from the developer options
Enable USB debugging from the developer options

Use adb to unlock the bootloader:

$adb devices: check if the device is recognized
$adb reboot bootloader: device goes to fastbood mode
$fastboot devices: device serial number should be seen
$fastboot flashing unlock: Unlocks the bootloader

Keep in mind, unlocking the bootloader will erase all the data and restart the device, so backup if you have something on it. After unlocking the bootloader, we are ready to root the device
First, we need to download the latest firmware which our device is using –> About device –> Version number –> e.g. CPH2611_14.0.0.307(EX01)

From the payload.bin file we should extract the init_boot.img with one of the softwares: payload-dumper-go or FastbootEnhance.

Pass this payload.bin file to payload-dumper-go to extract the init_boot.img file. Now we push this init_boot.img file to the phone with adb:

$adb push /init_boot.img /sdcard/Download

Download Magisk from github on your device. Go into Magisk: install –> select a patch file –> –> choose init_boot.img –> let’s go –> a patched image file will be generated. Copy this file into your computer:

$adb pull /sdcard/Download/

Then flash the new patched init_boot image to the bootloader to replace the original boot image

$adb reboot bootloader
$fastboot flash init_boot
$fastboot reboot