Kabuto Coin Wallet, Price and Pre-sale

Kabuto coin KBC is a new cryptocurrency that is slated to be the official currency for the Kingdom of Kabuto which is a new independent zone on Earth. The founder behind Kabuto coin is planning to buy their own Island to create tax free haven. And since there are no island nowadays, they will have to buy it. They already have their eyes on Caribbean islands and this is the only way they will be able to set their rules.

Kabuto Coin Wallet, Price

Since Kabuto coin is based on Ethereum blockchain, you will be able to use the existing Ethereum wallets so its payment terminals are compatible with KBC as well.

As in other tax havens, on Kabuto Island you will be able to normally run a business and have its headquarters. However, you must keep in mind that some countries have restrictions on tax residency and impose taxes regardless of where the business is located if their business is in the region.

Kabuto price at the time of its pre-sale is about $4.04 and the minimum order amount is 400KBC for 99 dollars. If you buy 20000KBC or more, you get additional coins.

Here are its salient features:

* Kabuto cryptocurrency is based on micronation, its quantity is constant, without the possibility of adding coins, which guarantees a stable value.
* Kabuto Coin is based on Ethereum blockchain which guarantees its security.
* By using KBC you will pay for services offered by The Kingdom and its citizens. The number of partners increases with each month.
* Trading without taxes.
* Shares in fast developing micronation.
* Safe investment tool.