Sony PS4 Pro masterpiece gift box for sale in China

Sony PS4 Pro masterpiece

It is being said that Sony will starting its PlayStation Spring festival in China from January 14th – February 19th 2019. It will be launching PlayStation 4 Pro Masterpiece Gift Box Set at a price of 3247 yuan for 2TB and 3647 yuan for 1TB variant. Gift box with the LED digital voice-activated wood alarm clock + theme cool color paper watch will also be made available.

Both variants are black in color. The PlayStation 4 Pro Masterpiece Gift Box package comes with Horizon: Zero Twilight and Street V Starter Edition games as well.

Also on offer will be PlayStation 4 masterpieces with black / ice white chassis packing 500GB storage. Its price is 2447 yuan.

Sony PS4 Pro masterpiecebox

If you live in China, this is a must have. It is also must have for PlayStation 4 and PS 4 Pro plans.

Other than that, there is no difference between this ‘masterpiece’ package and the normal package. It comes with same processor, memory, storage (1TB / 500GB HDD) and game controller.

The only thing that makes it different is presence of LEDs on the box and two games, “Horizon: Zero Twilight” and “Street Fighter V Starter Edition”.

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