Mossland: The Auction Virtual Property Auction Game to be released in October

Mossland: The Auction is a game developed by AR and blockchain software developers. Back in April, they finished their ICO for the game, Mossland: The City, which is a location-based AR mobile game that focuses in virtual real estate trading. They are the first gaming company in Korea to conduct an ICO.

Mossland The Auction

Now, they will be launching Mossland: The Auction on October 12th 2018. A beta release is being provided for players to start bidding on unique landmark properties that will be traded in ‘Mossland: The City’.

Pre-registrations are now open at

Key features of ‘Mossland: The Auction’ includes

– Users can become a virtual owner of famous landmarks around the world including New York’s Empire State Building or France’s Eiffel Tower

– Users will bid for the landmarks by using Moss Coin, company’s cryptocurrency

– Everyone will receive incentives just for participating in the auction

– Owners can auction out their landmarks to other users on the P2P marketplace

As mentioned earlier, the game will be made available for download on October 12th 2018.

William Son, CEO of Mossland said,

Everyone dreams to be a landmark owner at least once in their lives. Mossland provides the opportunity to become a landmark owner for everyone. We expect an exciting show ahead of us.

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