Corsair Neutron XTi specs: Corsair Neutron XTi extends the family of SSDs

Corsair Neutron XTi specs

The expert in memory products Corsair has announced the expansion and renovation of its family of SSDs Corsair Neutron XTi , now with an improved controller and higher capacity storage. Corsair has been integrated into the new Neutron XTi one Phison controller four cores that can handle loosely memory chips MLC NAND to reach the limit of performance SATA 3 interface: 560 MB / s sustained read and 540 MB / s of writing. This family is also the first Corsair to offer capacities up to 1920 GB, a capability that combines the high speed of solid state devices with ample mechanical drives, which have nothing to envy.

The quad-core controller Phison is, according to Corsair, the top end manufacturer. Thus, besides the theoretical speeds described above, these SSDs are capable of delivering up to 100,000 IOPS (input / output operations per second) random read 4K, and up to 90,000 random write IOPS in 4K.

In addition, the manufacturer has built into them, their SSDs higher-end, advanced data protection to ensure that the data will be protected against corruption of them in their transfer from the host to the NAND gate chips. It also has protection against energy losses (if the power goes off while in use, the data will be corrupted by protecting cache that integrates) and, of course, is compatible with DEVSLP to save energy and maximize battery life unit. Of course they are compatible with Corsair SSD Toolbox to monitor and manage drive options.

According to Corsair, they Neutron XTi are particularly suitable for both users Gamers who want their games as quickly as possible to load and for professional video and image, because thanks to the combination of maximum performance SATA high capacity, will make working in real time with high-resolution videos it quick and comfortable.

The Corsair Neutron XTi new generation are already available on the manufacturer’s dealer network at a suggested $ 89.99 240GB model price, $ 159.99 the 480 GB and $ 329.99 the 960 GB, all covered by a limited 5-year warranty directly with Corsair. 1920 GB model will arrive in the coming months, and its price is yet to be determined, but surely will be around $ 600.

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