1GHz Marvell processor for mobile devices – This had to happen!

It is no doubt that Marvell processors have proved themselves as the best mobile processors so far. A couple of days back, when we compared the Marvell processors with the Qualcomm processors, the Qualcomm was outbeaten not closely, but by large numbers. The comparison was first done with the ASUS P552W, which comes with a Marvell 624Mhz processor and then with the ASUS P565, which comes with a Marvell 800Mhz processor.

marvell pxa168

Now, the Marvell has announced a 1GHz PXA168 processor. Imagine 1GHz on your favorite smartphone. The 1GHz clock speed would let us have ultra-powerful smartphones, provided the mobile OS makes full use of the processor. With a Giga-hertz speed, one can have the power of an entry level laptop on a small mobile device. It would let the user enjoy faster internet experience; ability to watch HD videos; enjoy flash content and a variety of other stuff, which was earlier not possible due to slow processors.

The 1GHz processor will be a great asset to not only Smartphones, but also to PMPs (portable media players), MIDs (mobile internet devices), portable TVs etc. It would also let the firms come up with low-cost UMPCs and netbooks. It is all upto companies and OEMs, how they are able to utilize the power of this mighty processor. With such sheer power, we can expect to see our gadgets do much more than we ever thought. Also, the Marvell processors consume very little power. This will give us a powerful experience without sacrificing battery life.

PS: I wrote this article on the 0.9Ghz ASUS EEE 701 🙂

To learn more about Marvell, visit http://www.marvell.com.