Suzuki Neutron 701 MNI touchscreen netbook

When you hear the word “Suzuki”, you associate it immediately with cars and bikes, but you would never associate them with netbooks, until now. Suzuki has come with a netbook called Neutron 701 MNI which is a 7.1-inch netbook with touchscreen display.


The display can swivel just like tablet PCs. Here is a glance at its specifications:

Intel Atom Z520 processor
upto 4GB RAM (!)
3 USB ports
VGA port
Express card slot (!)
WiFi (b/g) and BT
1.3MP camera
56k modem (!)
5-in-one card reader

It has a WSVGA display (1024×600) and weighs just 2 pounds. However, there are a few things that make this netbook different from the rest of the crowd. First is the support for upto 4GB RAM – most netbooks support upto 2GB RAM. Secondly, it has express card slot which is only present in some HP and Lenovo netbooks. Third is the inclusion of the 56k modem, which we do not think anyone uses these days.

The only minus we see is the use of Z520 processor which is not the fastest Intel Atom processor by any means. Note that this is the same processor which is being used in the Sony Vaio P and Acer Aspire 751H, which is slower than the Atom N270/N280.

Sony Vaio P, as we all know, is one of slowest computers ever tested. According to passmark website, Vaio P’s Atom Z520 processor has score of 156. This makes this laptop barely useable for basic computing experience including web browsing and office use.