Chile T7-3G Android Tablet plays 1080p videos!

Chile has launched another Android device – T7-3G. This tablet has 7-inch color LCD display, 720MHz ARM11 processor and runs Android 2.1 as its operating system. It is being advertised not only as an eReader but also as a MID since it boasts both Wireless LAN and 3G radio.

Chile T7-3G

For storage, you get 512MB, extendible via 32GB SDHC. The Chile T7-3G allows you to view 1080p videos, thanks to hardware decoding support for RMVB, AVI, MKV, WMV formats. There is no information on its price/availability.

Here are its specifications:

Google Android 2.1
Built-in 3G network, support Wi-Fi wireless network
Full-featured web browser
Browse the web, send and receive emails, read RSS news, browse pictures
Play RMVB , AVI , MKV , WMV and other full-format high-definition videos, up to 1080P
Gravity sensing game
Can send mobile phone text messages
Built-in 3G network, can support WCDMA\TD-SCDMA\CDMA2000-EVDO *
Support gravity sensor, automatically rotate the display content according to the holding direction

[via cn.engadget] (Chinese)

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Alienware M11x R2 review

Folks at AnandTech have published a review of the updated Alienware M11x, more popularly known as the Alienware M11x r2. Clearly, if you are in the market for a small ultraportable just for web-browsing and office editing, this is probably not something we would recommend. But, if you are ‘madly’ into gaming and want a decent portable gaming rig, this is what we would tell you to go for.

Alienware M11x R2 review
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Is this the upcoming HTC netbook?

According to an online report, HTC is busily engrossed in developing a new device that features two touchscreen. Yes, two touchscreens and to us, it appears to be a huge clamshell phone or a netbook with two displays. The reports further say that when the two screens are opened together, the contents are merged and it works as a slate tablet. Also, when the user is using only one screen, the other screen works as a virtual QWERTY keyboard.

htc patent

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