Jim Cramer Fabulous 10 portfolio performance

Jim Cramer is infamous for his terrible calls and we believe that is why inverse Cramer is so popular, which basically does the opposite of what Jim says on television and twitter. Back in February 29, 2000, here were Jim Cramer’s Fabulous 10

jim cramer stock picks

724 solutions: $1882
Ariba: $132.25
Digital Island: $116
Exodus Communications: $71.19
InfoSpace: $1085
Inktomi: $137
Mercury Interactive: $96
Sonero: $55.8
Verisign: $253
Veritas Software: $131

Fast forward four years, and most of the stocks mentioned above are either down near 100-percent. The best performance, believe it or not, was Mercury Interactive that was still down a whopping 52.6 percent. 

In other words, if you bought aforementioned stocks, you would never have to worry about capital gains tax for the rest of your life. Also, if you wonder what causes a stock to get down whopping 96-percent? Well, one that fell 80% twice would be down 96%. 

It is crazy to see Jim still having his own show after shameful performance on nearly every single stock or crypto currency. Recently, he said Solana and Litecoin were done and anybody we buys either is foolish. Fast forward two weeks, and both are up 50- and 30-percent.