Buying GME and AMC stocks on Robinhood now longer allowed – Users leave 1 star rating for Robinhood

It looks like you can only sell and not buy GME and AMC on Robinhood now. If you open Robinhood app, you will be greeted with this message, “you can close out your position in this stock but you cannot purchase additional shares.”

robinhood app

This means exit is the only option. This also means many traders will likely sue Robinhood due to such practices as this is definitely not looking like a free market to me. It is blatant market manipulation as only selling is permitted which will obviously crash the share price of GME and AMC.

You can still buy AMC and other stocks on Cashapp. Dave Portnoy said, “Somebody is going to have to explain to me in what world Robinhood App and others literally trying to force a crash by closing the open market is fair? They should all be in jail”.  

Twitter users are asking others to leave 1 star on app store to send a strong message back. People are clearly not happy. John Cardillo said, “Taking out Robinhood and sub-Reddits are akin to putting duct tape on a dam hit by a missile. People figured out Wall St’s magic trick and will wholesale exploit that and others. The elites are not stopping this.”