ELSA GeForce RTX 2060 SAC V2 released for cryptocurrency mining, gaming and CAD development

Elsa has churned out its version of GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card. It runs at base 1365 MHz and 1680 MHz boost clock speed, making it ideal for advanced gaming and CAD development.

ELSA GeForce RTX 2060 SAC V2

ELSA GeForce RTX 2060 SAC V2 price is $530. Like you have heard from many other graphic card manufactures, there is shortage of GPU in world right now, mainly due to increase in interest in cryptocurrency mining. This might change in future but there is acute shortage in availability with cryptocurrency miners buying large number of graphics cards to get as much hashrate as possible.

ELSA GeForce RTX 2060 SAC V2 comes with 4.6mm heat pipes and nine dual blade fans. Like other RTX 2060 GPUs, ELSA GeForce RTX 2060 SAC V2 also occupies two slots but is quite shorted at 206mm length.

ELSA GeForce RTX 2060 SAC V2 will be made available in limited numbers, so if you are interested in a RTX 2060 GPU, place your order immediately.

ELSA GeForce RTX 2060 SAC V2 specifications

GPU specs
Graphics processor NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Graphics Processor
CUDA core processor 1920 core
Base clock 1365 MHz
Boost clock 1680 MHz
Memory specs
Memory standard GDDR6
Memory capacity 6 GB
Memory I / F 192 bit
Memory data rate 14 Gbps
Other specifications
bus PCI Express 3.0 x16
Supported API Vulkan / DirectX12 / OpenGL 4.6 / NVIDIA CUDA 10 or later / DirectCompute / OpenCL API
Main function > NVIDIA Ansel
NVIDIA GameStream
NVIDIA NVIDIA GeForce Experience
NVIDIA GPU Boost 4.0
Simultaneous Multi-Projection
VR Ready
· Microsoft DirectX 12 (Windows 10 only)
Vulkan API
OpenGL 4.6 Support
HDCP 2.2
(> 1) To use NVIDIA G-SYNC, an NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible display is required.
Certification standard EU RoHS / CE / FCC
Maximum power consumption 160W (TDP)
On-board connector DisplayPort x3 (DisplayPort 1.4a)
HDMI x1 (HDMI 2.0b)
Number of output screens Up to 4 screens
External dimensions 206mm (length) x 114mm (height) x 43mm (thickness)
Does not include protrusions
Since the back plate is attached, two of this product cannot be installed in the adjacent expansion slot.
Supported OS Windows 10 > (64bit OS only)