Toshiba SG6 series brings 64 layer 3D NAND flash

Toshiba SG6 review (1)

Toshiba Memory Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of memory solutions has just announced its new SG6 series of storage memory solutions. This new series aims to bring the benefits of the 64-layer 3D NAND Flash to the desktop market. We have already talked about the new 3D NADN BiCS memory sometime back. This type of memory is characterized by employing four storage bits, instead of the three that were being used so far. This means that the memory is capable of storing a greater amount of data – without using more physical space, unlike what happens with the planar memory. This type of memory is the most widespread so far, although it is a trend that is changing. Micron is also very involved in the development of 3D stacked NAND.

About the fact that the NAND is stacked, which means is that the chips put one on top of another. Not one after the other, with the consequent saving of space in the PCBs. Toshiba’s new NAND Flash memory will be very fast on SATA. The new SG6 series SSDs can be operated via the SATA 3 interface or by the M.2 interface since it has been designed for a size of 2280. In both cases, the maximum sequential reading speed will be 550 MB / s.

While the sequential writing will be somewhat smaller, around 535 MB / s, which is not bad either. In fact, thanks to a much improved system of management of storage devices, Toshiba says that the consumption of this new SG6 series has been reduced by 40% over the previous generation.

Toshiba SG6 review (1)

In terms of storage capacities, three variants will be made available – 256 GB, 512 GB and 1024 GB. As for security, Toshiba will make available to its customers units models with capacity for self-encryption of data (SED, Self Encrypting Drive) which will be designed to support TCG Opal Verion 2.01. Toshiba has not said anything about when these new SSDs are on the market and has not commented on the price tag as well.

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