Thermaltake View 32 Tempered Glass RGB Edition PC case: change the color of the box with a button

Thermaltake View 32 Tempered Glass RGB Edition PC case specifications review

Thermaltake has just presented its latest transparent case, the Thermaltake View 32 Tempered Glass RGB Edition. As its name makes clear, the box is covered with tempered glass on four sides, and incorporates three fans with RGB LED lighting, which can be controlled from a button located on the front.

What we call “transparent box” is the PC case with most of its sides covered with a transparent material, which allows you to see inside, not only by the left side, as usual, but also by the right and / or its front. This is what the Thermaltake View 32 Tempered Glass RGB Edition is all about, since the box is covered by both left and right sides, on its front part and on the roof of a tempered glass sheet of 4 mm thick, which allows a unobstructed view not only of the interior of the box, but also of the colors effects of its fans.

In this respect, the box comes standard with three Riing fans of 120 mm, located two of them on the front and the last, on the back of the box. However, this transparent box allows the use of up to 3 fans of 120 mm in its front part and another two, also of 120 mm, in its upper part. To control all the lighting in the box, Thermaltake has a hub in one of its sides to connect the fans that we want to operate with the box.

The transparent Thermaltake box has dimensions of 480 mm in height, 227 mm in width and 524 mm in depth. So, the Thermaltake View 32 Tempered Glass RGB Edition is not, of course, an especially small box. And its weight of 8.2 kg does not make it especially light either, although it is very much in line with the similar offers that can be found in the market.

Despite having a fairly respectable size, the maximum height of the heatsink that we can mount on it, will be 160 mm. However, the maximum allowed length of the graphics card is 400 mm, and that of the power supply is 220 mm. As for storage, the box has three bays for 3.5 ” units and another three for 2.5″ units. Thermaltake has not provided data on the price of this box or when it will go on sale.

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