The 5 best GPS tracker for car with app for Android in 2019

best GPS tracker for car

Whether you want to keep an eye on your driving records or you just want the location of your car for security reasons, the Google Play store has lots of apps which can assist you with this task. But, it is a bit difficult to choose an app from a lot of apps and that is why for your peace of mind, we have listed the 5 best GPS tracker for car with app for Android in 2019.

1. Spyzie

Spyzie has one of the best tracking programs which helps you track your vehicle instantly and easily. It proves to be one of the best car GPS trackers because it comes along with new features.


· The app has an extraordinary GPS system.
· Built-in map is well detailed.
· Recording and storage system which enables the owner to have a record of the places visited by the vehicle.


· With Spyzie, it is extremely easy to track your vehicle.
· Highly easy to use.
· A lot of features like SMS tracking, phone call tracking, etc.


· The app is not available for Symbian and BlackBerry users

2. Trackimo

Trackimo is an excellent app for Android that can be used to track cars. The app is very affordable too. It also has features such as motion-activated tracking which preserves the battery and saves battery life. The app also alerts the notification system and tends to notify the owner through emails or text messages. One of the unique features of the app is that it provides international coverage.



· The app is very easy to use.
· The app provides an excellent battery life.


· It seems to be difficult to install the app for some users.

3. Carlock – Advanced

It is one of the excellent GPS trackers with wonderful prices. Carlock tends to monitor the vehicle and sends an alert notification to the owner. Also, the device can send teenage driving notifications in case the vehicle is used carelessly.



· SMS alert.
· Notification to an emergency contact in case of an emergency.


· Some users find that the quality of the tracking map is not of good quality.

4. Brickhouse Track View

Brickhouse Track View works excellently and tends to provide the owner with a map view of their vehicles with the highest subscription information. In the app, it is updated every 30 seconds. The app also provides a speed alert, panic button, and trip report.



· The app is highly dedicated and easy to use.
· Subscription charges vary with concerning benefits. Customers get the opportunity to select according to their needs.


· It can be used only in the USA.

5. Fleet GPS Vehicle

The Fleet GPS Vehicle tracker is another of the best car GPS trackers since it enables the user to have the vehicle tracking instantly. The app enables the user to obtain the information of the vehicle by locating it on the map with the address, you also get the opportunity to know the current speed, state of the engine.



The user gets the opportunity to view the history report with the route details.


A Fleet registry is required to use this app.

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