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HTC is an award winning tech company that is best known for its HTC One smartphone series. Back in October of last year, the company announced it was developing the next phone in the HTC One series called the “HTC One A9.” This phone is said to have a very innovative design which integrates the latest version of the Google Android operating system into the mix. So you have a beautiful design on the outside and the newest features of the Android 6.0 on the inside, also known as Marshmallow.

HTC is a pioneer in the smartphone community. It is the company known for creating the very first smartphone to have the Android operating system on it. It is also the first company to have created a Windows smartphone and a 4G smartphone as well. Now, they are the first company to create a Smartphone that is all metal. HTC works hard to stay ahead of the competition by trying to be the most innovative tech company out of the numerous others that are out there. The HTC One A9 gives consumers everything they want to have in a smartphone. It has an attractive exterior design, great performance, new helpful features and the ability to completely control the experience you have with your phone. With its all-metallic body, it will be a very durable phone as well. This means if you accidentally drop your phone then you are less likely to have any irreversible damage done to the interior of it.

The HTC One A9 has 1080p color quality, an energy efficient 5-inch screen and high definition visuals. With all of this, you will get 40% more color in your picture than what you would get from a traditional LCD screen. If you are interesting in having a high quality rear camera to take pictures with, the HTC One A9 has a 13 megapixel camera that includes Optical Image Stabilization. That way people with shaky hands won’t have as much shakiness in their video when it is recording. The Optical Image Stabilization works to correct the vibrations caused by the shakiness. As a result, you will have a clear picture with complete stabilization.

If you are interested in purchasing the new HTC One A9 then you can do so at the company’s website: HTC.com. The total price is $499.99. You can choose from four different colors for the phone’s all-metallic body. These colors include gray, silver, gold and red.

HTC’s first quarter revenue and disappointing profits

htc revenue 2009 - 2013

In the sixth straight quarter income losses, HTC shows no improvement in their numbers. The Taiwanese phone maker posts just another quarterly decline in revenue; this time its 98 percent drop in quarterly earnings. From projected NT$600 million ($20 million) HTC made just NT$85 million ($2.8 million). This is the lowest quarterly profit for HTC recorded by Bloomberg. The HTC revenue dropped by 37 percent compared to NT$42.8 billion ($1.42 billion) in the same quarter in 2012.

HTC had recently released it’s newest flagship android smartphone HTC One, after a month of delay due to some camera parts. Peter Chou, the CEO of HTC, is hoping that HTC One will make up for the loss of momentum before Samsung’s Galaxy S IV release on April 26th. The Taiwanese company lost over 70 percent of its market value comparing to its peak in 2010.

“HTC One’s production shortage means lost sales in the first quarter will be lost forever, not just delayed,” Lu Chia- lin, a Taipei-based analyst at Daiwa Securities who rates the stock hold, said before the earnings announcement. “HTC One has a good design, and they still have lead time ahead of the S4, so revenue has a good chance to rebound this quarter.”

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HTC just launched world’s first Facebook smartphone. HTC First features Facebook on it home page.


US Mobile Market – comscore stats

apple ios second best mobile os

Comscore released Mobile Subscriber Market Share stats surveying over 30,000 mobile subscribers in US for quarter ending on October 12th 2012.

Samsung is leading the mobile subscriber market with total of 26.3 percent, followed by Apple with 17.8 percent and LG very closely at 17.6 percent share. Motorola kept its fourth place with decent 11 percent and HTC followed with 6 percent market share.

The fastest growing in this quarter was Apple with solid 1.5 percent increase from 16.3 percent. If only Apple produced a wider variety of smartphones…

Mobile Subscriber Market Share

US Mobile Subscriber Market Share – click

The most popular and also fastest growing mobile operating system is Android. Google’s os covers 53.6 percent of US market, up by 1.4 percent from last quarter. Apple’s iOS increased by 0.9 percent to commendable 34.3 percent. RIM is still loosing the subscribers share in US as they haven’t been making new Blackberries and loosing corporate clientele. As of October 12th their market share sits on 7.8 percent. Last one is Symbian with declining 0.6 percent.

mobile operating system subscribers

US subscribers stats by mobile operating system – click

Ballmer hoping to become a strong third player

Windows Phone 8 event Steve Ballmer

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer at Windows Phone 8 event in Israel

With new release of Windows 8 operating system and Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is hoping to become a strong third player in the smartphone market. Ballmer noted at the Windows 8 launch in Israel yesterday that their aim is to connect Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox 360 and together make a strong impact. Large marketing budget certainly helps. Microsoft allocated over a billion dollars to carpet cover its new systems and handsets from Nokia, Samsung and HTC in media in upcoming months.

iOS and Android dominate the smartphone market, but a strong third player is yet undetermined. RIM hopes to turn their luck around with new Blackberry 10 platform.

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HTC profit down by 78%

HTC mid range smartphones for China
HTC has recently introduced new HTC Desire X and HTC J. Getting ready for new windows phone 8 os HTC produced Accord 8X smartphone. HTC One X got it’s jelly bean upgrade. First glance indicates a good business.

2012 has not been a good year for HTC. Digitimes reports NT$229.01 billion revenue for HTC in 2012 thus far, which is 37.2% less than year before. September has shown 53.4% drop of revenue compared to same month in 2011. Quarter has not been good either. In Q3 HTC reports NT$3.9 billion net gain, which is 47% less than quarter before and 78% less than same quarter in 2011.

Market watchers suggest mid-range smartphones destined to China being a problem. In the west carriers have done their shopping for upcoming Christmas season so we’ll just have wait to see what comes next for HTC.

HTC Falters In June Results

HTC logoHTC has had another bad month as the company endures lackluster sales figures and dimishing revenues. HTC has disclosed that revenues has fallen 16.7% in July to $844 million, which translates to a 44.5% slip year-on-year for July.

Despite critical acclaim, the One range of handsets has been struggling to attract buyers, a problem generally attributed by observers to the runaway success of Samsung Galaxy range of devices.

Amazon has cut the buy-in on the HTC One X flagship handset to $80 on contract, and the upcoming release of a new iPhone is hurting interest in the One range.

But HTC is fighting back, planning to release One X+ in the coming weeks, complete with a 1.7GHz Tegra 3 quad-core CPU, and a large-screened 5-inch phone with a full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel display sometime this fall.

Speculations are that US embargo of HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE in US at least heavily contributed the profit plummet of HTC in Q2. Let’s hope for a better day.

HTC Q2 results

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