Raijintek Juno Pro RBW: low profile dissipater with RGB and circular design

Raijintek Juno Pro RBW review

Unlike other manufacturers, Raijintek is more relaxed in terms of product presentations. This 2018 has not revealed too many products, but it has kept at the foot of the cannon certain ranges at a fairly competitive price. Today it presents a new dissipater with a design that we saw in other brands in the past, but that Raijintek has improved giving it by name: Raijintek Juno Pro RBW.

With a design based on its previous version Juno X, this Juno Pro RBW reaches new quotas in terms of performance we refer to. Almost a year after presenting the Juno X, this Juno Pro RBW comes loaded with new features, starting for example with its new, new-sized, coolplate, seeking to maximize the contact area.

In addition, the surface of said coolplate has been treated to make it even smoother and flatter, thus achieving a better contact with the thermal / IHS paste. Its new design incorporates a cover that runs through its circular body where Raijintek has also incorporated its name and where said diffuser ring frames its fan.

The curvature in terms of angle has been improved, interfering to a lesser extent with the memory modules, keeping quite contained measures of 122.5 x 122.5 x 65 mm but still beat the previous model, expanding its overall size.

The weight is also another factor to consider, and that has curiously doubled and exceeded, since the Juno X RGB only weighed 150 grams in total, while this new Juno PRO RGW increases that figure to 315 grams.

Raijintek Juno Pro RBW specs

This increase in measures and weight is driven by its greater number of fins and a 120 mm fan (vs 92 mm from the previous model) which helps among other things to improve its sound (28 dBA) its global air flow (38.5 CFM) ) and its lower revolutions to increase performance (between 400 and 1800 RPM ).

These improvements boost its capacity of cooling in 35 watts, since now it is able to dissipate TDPs of CPUs up to 105 watts, not bad for a heatsink of such a compact size and a circular system of fins that lacks heatpipes as a star method for refrigerate and transfer heat.

The inclusion of heatpipes could have helped to improve the thermal performance of this heatsink but it would also make the price of the heatsink more expensive, so it is to be assumed that Raijintek has preferred to maintain the performance / cost ratio in this new heatsink.

The compatibility is still very high, since it is capable of supporting all Intel 115X sockets, while AMD has only revealed AM4 and it is unknown if such compatibility will be extended as the model that comes to replace AM3 and previous socket of the brand.

So far, Raijintek has not revealed price for this Juno Pro RBW or availability date for Spain or Europe, has not even reported its geographical availability, so we can not offer data even of retailers and we will have to be vigilant to buy it.

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