Oppo folding display phone coming soon

At the Mobile World Congress 2019, Oppo surprised everyone with their folding phone that the company says is already in mass production. Compared this to the Samsung’s folding phone that has even hit production yet, this is a major achievement on Oppo’s end.

oppo folding phone (2)

Like the Samsung folding phone, the Oppo folding phone can be folded to be used in one hand. When folded, it definitely looks better than Samsung’s folding phone that appears to have smaller display than Oppo’s implementation.

Oppo’s CEO adds that while at this stage, it seems that after folding, the screen becomes bigger and can be folded, and it does not bring about a huge improvement in user experience.

Samsung too is looking for more user cases before they put their own folding phone into mass production.

oppo folding phone (1)

So what do you think of this Oppo folding phone? Would you buy one? I definitely see the folding phone an excellent product for getting more work done. A lot of applications will make use of the extra real estate and allow user to see more data at a time.

A good example of this would be working on excel sheet or working on two windows arranged side by side. via zol (chinese)

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