Intel Ocean Cove: the successors of the Intel Core

Intel Ocean Cove

Intel is preparing to renew its Intel Core processor family. This information has been extracted from the official website of Intel. Where a job offer has been published in the Engineering section, looking for a CPU microarchitecture specialist to join the Ocean Cove development team in Hillsboro , Oregon. The offer is subscribed under the premise of building a revolutionary micro-processor core for the next decade of computing.

This can justify the latest movements of the company, such as the hiring of the famous Jim Keller , the main responsible for the creation of Zen architecture , the famous Athlon 64 and the first processors designed by Apple: A4 and A5. This offer has already been modified by Intel itself, leaving only the information relating to the post and eliminating all the text referring to Ocean Cove. It is not the first time that the company uses the Cove nomenclature to refer to its new cores , as it did with the following generations of the Core family: Ice Laki, Tiger Lake and Alder Lake. According to Ashraf Eassa, this new generation of Intel processors would arrive after Alder Lake.

According to this information and the trend that Intel follows, we would not see this new architecture until after at least the year 2020 . This process has been accelerated with the advance of AMD in the development of its new technology, which has achieved great advances in terms of processor performance and that promises much more with Zen 2.

In addition, the arrival of Ryzen processors managed to affect the market share of Intel , something that had not happened for years, and that caused the great blue to respond with their Coffee Lake. Most likely Jim Keller is responsible for this new architecture, which we can see in about three years and about the company’s 10 nm manufacturing process. Will it manage to face this new core to AMD Zen 2?

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