MeeGopad T07 PRO review: cheapest and smallest mini PC

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MeeGopad T07 PRO is the smallest and cheapest of the two teams today I want to talk. Yes, tiny but bully it is the MeeGopad T07 PRO because inside the brand has not skimped on hardware that give this small mini PC that really lives up to those words. In this case we find an Intel Atom Z8300 processor X5 with four cores running in parallel and at a standard speed of 1.44 GHz, but with TurboBoost which reaches 1.84 GHz, part of the latest batch of processors low consumption has presented Intel 2015. we talk past one processor, thanks to be made ​​at the node of 14 nm, achieves really ridiculous consumption at full load (only 2 W consumption) which ensures that really , it can function fully without requiring passive noisy and bulky heat sinks built.

The functions of graphical of this team are in charge of an integrated Intel HD Graphics processor, a card that allows you to move smoothly resolutions up to 4k compatible monitors with that resolution and defends a pretty decent way with games graphics card undemanding.

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A part of the next generation processor, the MeeGopad mini PC also comes with 4GB of built-in RAM and internal storage capacity of 32 GB which can be expanded to another 64 GB by using a micro SD card, so that there is enough space on our computer to store our programs and documents, and even movies, series or music we want to take with us.

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The MeeGopad T07 PRO also sold with an integrated mini PC within the body WiFi adapter it is compatible with IEEE 802.11 b / g / n. To complete network compatibility, this Mini PC also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 to connect any device that supports the network standard, especially keyboards and mice that will be very useful when handling. Still, if we did not have a keyboard or compatible mouse, mini PC also carries a USB 2.0 port to which it could connect.