Global Deployment of IoT Devices made easier by Gemalto and Jasper

The power of the Internet of Things (IoT) brings interactive shopping, smarter cities and homes, up to the moment business data and instant gratification. And IoT connections are growing fast up 30 percent last year to reach 4.9 billion – and that number is expected to expand to 25 billion by 2020.

Global Deployment of IoT Devices

The success and mainstream adoption of our connected environment depends greatly on simplicity. Gemalto and Jasper are teaming up to directly address the challenge of simplifying the IoT and bring connectivity to everything no matter where in the world. Consumers don’t have to do a thing, operators have an easy go-to-market solution and device makers can focus on the devices rather than remote management and connectivity.

Gemalto’s LinqUs On-Demand Connectivity and Jasper’s IoT service platform, removes the complexity of deploying connected services worldwide allowing one solution design for all mobile networks, anywhere in the world. The solution eliminates the need for MNO-specific variants or late stage SIM card deployment, which is often not feasible with ruggedized, sealed IoT devices that are designed to last 10-15 years.

At Mobile World Congress, Gemalto is demonstrating its On-Demand Connectivity solution with the Bridge Alliance, a partnership of 35 leading operators in Asia. If you’re at the show, please stop by the Gemalto booth in Hall 5, Stand 5A80 to see how LinqUs ODC is helping to accelerate IoT technology adoptions and expand the marketplace.