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EOMA68 PC review

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton has spent the last five years of his life in the development of a modular computer, called EOMA68 PC , which is finally now available on the market. The first units will be sold at a price of $ 65 and provide for a (board what in technical jargon is computer-on-a-card call) is designed to suit specific chassis for notebook or desktop PC. You can book EOMA68 giving a small contribution to the campaign of crowd funding Crowd of Supply and – according to the statement by its developer – the first deliveries to the early bird will be scheduled in the first months of 2017 , more and if the project will reach at least $ 150,000 in funding.

EOMA68 is not just a board, but a “computer” in which software, hardware schematics and CAD files for the design of the houses are all available for free . Do you want to upgrade or replace the PC? Simply slide the card into a new housing or customize any component, using 3D printing.

The concept of use is very simple: the EOMA68 card is inserted in special integrated slot in the desktop and notebook PC chassis , allowing the operation. It is the size of a credit card, because Leighton was inspired by the design of the older PCMCIA cards, so you can easily carry it around in a bag or pocket, but its versatility is expressed on the desk.

The first EOMA68 PC will be equipped with a dual-core SoC Allwinner A20 1.2GHz (Cortex-A7),2GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, micro HDMI, micro-USB and microSD card slot, Debian Linux or Parabola. They are not as powerful as we thought but still first-generation models, because if all goes according to plans the next EOMA68 cards will have faster processors, more storage and memory, as well as a number of improvements. All versions will be interchangeable, so you can upgrade your notebook for the price of a new PC card without having to pay for a new screen, keyboard and homes.

If you plan to use EOMA68 like a Mini PC, you can book the homes of the desktop at a price of $ 55. It is a box 114 x 114 x 12.7 mm wood with two USB ports, VGA, microSD card slot and the slot for EOMA68. There are also other options for wooden houses with laser cut or printed in 3D. However, if you opt for a notebook, the well-kit costs $ 500 but includes all necessary components to assemble a laptop. Alternatively you can save $ 50 by ordering a kit piy (Print-It-Yourself) , which provides a screen, system boards and other hardware but without the houses that instead you can print yourself.

The notebook comes with a screen of 15.6 inch HD (1366 x 768 pixels) , battery 10000 mAh(for a range of 8 hours), 4.3-inch capacitive touch panel used for the touchpad, two external USB 2.0 ports, a internal USB 2.0, stereo speakers, headphone jack and microSD card slot. The total weight of the notebook is composed of about one kilogram. The pre-assembled notebook (previously also this possibility exists) costs $ 1,200, but the price is totally out of the market while accepting the brilliant idea.

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