Buffalo Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version SSD out now – HD-PCG1.0U3 / EVA, SSD-PGM480U3 / EVA, DVSM-PTS8U3 / EVA


Buffalo Co., Ltd has released three collaboration model products to commemorate the release of Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version.

Like the collaboration wireless LAN router announced by the company in April, it is a jointly developed product with Edion Co., Ltd.For details of 4 products including this and how to make a reservation, please visit the special collaboration site from May 15th.

HD-PCG1.0U3 / EVA is a portable HDD with USB 3.0 connection. The capacity is 1TB, and the design of the case is based on the first model. In addition to adopting a shock absorption design, it also supports Mimamori signal for portable that predicts a failure and notifies it with an LED.

DVSM-PTS8U3 / EVA is a portable DVD drive with USB 3.0 connection. The flat and thin housing design is adopted, and the design of the first machine is given on the surface. In addition to being driven by bus power, it has a W cable specification that incorporates a Boost cable that can be used when power is insufficient.


The main body size is 138 × 152 × 14.4 mm (width × depth × height), and the weight is about 300 grams.

SSD-PGM480U3 / EVA is a portable SSD with USB 3.1 connection. It achieves high-speed transfer with a maximum read of about 530MB / s and a capacity of 480GB. The small case, which is the same size as a business card, has a design that imitates the SEELE monolith.


The main body size is 50 × 95 × 10.9 mm (width × depth × height), and the weight is about 52 grams.