The one thing Smartphone users complain about the most is their poor battery life. With all the sophisticated apps out these days, they can drain the power of your Smartphone battery pretty fast. Then you have to find an outlet and spend the next 4-5 hours charging the battery of your Smartphone, which means you cannot use it during that time. Since people can barely put down their phones for more than 2 minutes, this makes it very difficult for them to conduct their daily affairs in a fast and convenient manner.

However, impatient Smartphone users might see their prayers answered after all. The technology company “Huawei” claims it has developed a lithium-ion battery for Smartphones that charges 10 times faster than the regular batteries. Huawei is already known for creating Google’s Nexus 6P, which is supposed to charge faster than other phones on the market. But the problem most Smartphone manufacturers have is they are still using lithium-ion batteries in their mobile devices. Mobile technology manufacturers are racing to be the first ones to create something better than the typical lithium-ion batteries that are in the current mobile devices.


Huawei’s new lithium-ion battery features a new configuration which allows it to charge up to ten times faster than other lithium-ion batteries. If this proves to be true then it will attract more people to Huawei’s line of wearables, handsets and other mobile networking devices. The tech company already revealed its quick charging batteries during a video presentation last week at the 56th Battery Symposium held in Japan. They demonstrated to the spectators how a 3,000mAh battery that has a 620Wh/L energy density can be recharged to almost 50% within 5 minutes. They also demonstrated how a 600mAh battery could be recharged to 68% in just 2 minutes.


Huawei seems very optimistic about their recent innovation. This fast charging battery could be used in electric vehicles, mobile phones, wearable devices, digital cameras, and any other mobile device that requires battery power. However, the company is not just stopping here. Their dream is to create an even faster charging battery. They claim they want to develop a battery that could be fully charged while the user is on a short coffee break. This could mean 5-10 minutes at the most, instead of the 2-3 hours it takes for modern day batteries to charge. If everything goes well then Huawei may be selling their batteries to all the major mobile phone manufacturers, so they can put it in their own technology.