AsRock Z170M OC Formula churned out

ASRock returns to the fray with a new motherboard model, in this case with a variant micro ATX of its flagship motherboard for Intel LGA1151 socket, the Z170M OC Formula. In an area of only 244 mm², the manufacturer has tried to package the best possible features to provide the best performance in all areas.  

Asrock Z170M OC Formula review

To begin with, the motherboard takes the power supply from the usual connector ATX 24 pin and also from an EPS connector 4 + 4-pin, all it managed with a VRM powerful 14 phases for the processor and two phases for memory, allowing ample room to overclock manually in these two components.

To further enhance the stability of the Z170M OC Formula, and not only when Overclock applies, ASRock has used a 10-layer PCB to minimize electronic interference. In addition, and yes that is oriented exclusively to Overclock, the manufacturer has provided specific buttons to change the values ​​of the processor directly from the motherboard without having to go through the BIOS.

These buttons we are of course with the usual button Auto Overclock, plus diagnostic LEDs, a switch to switch between two redundant firmware EEPROM chips and of course with voltage control points. Certainly ASRock incorporates its characteristic HyperBClk, with its clock generator that allows not only have a “fine” setting on the processor speed, but also allows OC in Skylake processors without K.

Asrock Z170M OC Formula reviews

Explained its special features, all aimed at overclocking and stability is provided by this new count jewel ASRock. We have two PCI-Express 3.0 x16 (electrically x8x8 when both use) plus a third PCI-Express 3.0 x16 x4 electrically is and is linked to PCH. It also has a 32 Gbps M.2 socket and eight-port SATA 3, four of which can become two SATA Express ports.

Finally, it is noteworthy that ASRock has incorporated the latest technology in connectivity USB 3.1 ports includes two, one Type-C reversible, eight USB 3.0 audio solution Purity manufacturer, and Intel Gigabit network interface.

The manufacturer has not disclosed neither the price nor the date of arrival in stores so we’ll have to wait. Certainly it has very, very good looking this plate.

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