AMD Bristol Ridge laptop processors launched

AMD Bristol Ridge review

AMD has announced its catalog full of processors 7th generation of APUs , designed to help provide a powerful productivity and better performance entertainment with maximum mobility for consumers. Previously known by the codename ” Bristol Ridge ” and ” Stoney Ridge” , the 7th generation AMD FX, A Series and E-Series Accelerated Processing Units (APU) show significant performance improvements compared to the previous generation, including double – digit gains in the game, video processing and file compression performance.

AMD Bristol Ridge

Consumers can take your gaming experience to the next level using a computer equipped with support for DirectX 12 and features such as AMD Dual Graphics technology from AMD and FreeSync. The AMD Advanced Power Management (APM) technology increases the reliability to perform computing tasks with superior energy efficiency. The new APUs allow users to enjoy the latest multimedia experiences to Ultra HD 4K resolution, thanks to the implementation of the AMD FreeSync technology, with a performance game-style free eSports artifact is achieved and fully fluent .

The 7th generation of processors AMD A-series enable the best experience with Microsoft Windows 10 and are prepared to support the update Microsoft Windows 10 Update Anniversary Edition, which is expected later this year.

The 7th generation AMD processors of the Ason able to deliver an experience of multi seamless task with a time of rapid startup and features streaming video and high-quality reproduction series, all with an excellent management efficiency power. AMD offers graphics performance and operations much higher count against the competition, with graphics that give up to 53% higher performance and up to 51% higher in computer operations when the AMD FX processor 7th Generation compares with the Intel Core i7 processor. Improving energy efficiency allows the AMD FX 7th Generation 9800P processor consumes up to 12% less energy in productivity workloads compared to the previous generation APU AMD FX-8800P.

AMD Bristol Ridge benchmark

AMD identified a need for performance across the entire industry in the segment of entry-level computers, or “every day”, which aims to overcome with the introduction of the new processors “Stoney Ridge”. With the 7th generation of Series AMD A9, A6 and E2 processors processors, AMD brings the high performance of the nuclei “Excavator” and processing video playback quality to this segment, which represents 26% of all computers sold annually.

This allows consumers to do more, better manage complex tasks and enjoy the transmission and video playback more immersive. The GCN cores allow optimal improved graphics performance and stunning picture quality. The transition to nuclei “Excavator” offers performance up to 50% faster per core versus the previous generation. The new AMD A9 APU processor also performs well against the competition, providing up to 27% faster graphics performance than the Intel Pentium 4405U processor and even rivaling the Intel i3-6100U processor with more competitive graphics like its overall system performance.

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