8TB M.2 NVMe SSD by Sabrent – SB-RKTQ-8TB


Sabrent has announced the TB-RKTQ-8TB M.2 NVMe SSD with a capacity of 8TB from the Rocket Q SSD series. This 8TB M.2 NVMe SSD is expected to be the first on the market.

Sabrent SB-RKTQ-8TB is an SSD that supports PCI Express 3.0 x4 connection. In the Rocket Q series, 500GB / 1TB / 2TB / 4TB models have already been sold, and 8TB models will be newly added to this lineup.

The 8TB Sabrent SB-RKTQ-8TB NAND SSD is made by Micron, and the controller is Phison’s E12S. The transfer speed is unknown, but the 4TB model uses 3D QLC NAND flash for reference, and the maximum read speed is 3,200MB / s and the write speed is 2,900MB / s.

Sabrent SB-RKTQ-8TB specifications

* M.2 PCIe Gen3 x 4 Interface.
* PCIe 3.1 Compliant / NVMe 1.3 Compliant.
* Power Management Support for APST / ASPM / L1.2.
* Supports SMART and TRIM commands. Supports ONFi 2.3, ONFi 3.0, ONFi 3.2 and ONFi 4.0 interface.

* Advanced Wear Leveling, Bad Block Management, and Over-Provision.
* All Sabrent SSDs come with FREE Sabrent Acronis True Image for Sabrent Software for easy Cloning, For more information please visit our website.

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