7Tips to Have More Followers on Instagram

Instagram is fast becoming one of the most followed social media platforms in the world. You are on the right track if you have already opened your Instagram account and have published some photos, but you are barely half the battle. You need to start gaining followers. Here are some tips that could help you get followers on Instagram. 

Followers on Instagram

1. Stick to a passionate niche

The Instagram accounts that become most successful are those that focus on one or two specific niches and only post content related to these topics. It is better to find an area that you are passionate about or know very well and just post about it. If you stick to your niche and show authenticity and love in your posts, you will start to have a following.

2. Post wonderful content constantly

You should post high-quality photos or videos constantly if you want to get more followers. You can’t just post once every two weeks. You need to get new high-resolution content. To start with, I recommend doing it once or twice a day (every day), but eventually, you should be able to reach up to four publications per day. If someday you don’t have to post, ask permission to share the photo of another account with more followers. It is better than not posting anything, it also helps you make relationships with other users.

3. Use some safe app to get real followers

It is not easy to get Instagram followers with some essential tricks, so you can use some app to increase the followers. But, be sure to choose the safe app because some software can cause your account to be blocked or misused. One of the best app to get real followers is GetInsta, which is also one of the best free Instagram likes app 2020.It provides a 100% safe platform to gather real-person at one place to follow and like each other. Everyone can get free coins by following others or liking others’ posts. With the coins, you can get unlimited free Instagram followers or likes for your own Instagram accounts and posts. It is free but provides high-quality followers and likes. All its users are exactly real Instagram users, the followers & likes you get are from only active & real Instagram accounts.

4. Captions must be captivating and motivating

A good title can make everything different. Decide which position or character needs longer or shorter comments, and then align with your strategy. When you write a title, you should try to do four things: attract, motivate, motivate, and give your video or photo an extra experience. Posting motivational content may not distinctive, but it can generate a lot of engagement.

5. Use the correct Emojis

Love or hate them, no one can deny that Emojis are a popular form of communication, both in text messages and on social media. If you plan to use Emojis, you much know how to handle them correctly. The emoji function as substitutes for words and ideas and can serve to resonate with the reader. You can do it like this: try to replace at least one word in each sentence with an emoji that represents it.

6. Don’t post too much

You should find the correct frequency for your followers. Above I mentioned that it is good to post at least twice a day when you are starting with Instagram. It is agreat amount to avoid overwhelming other people. Starting with two spaced posts in the morning and the afternoon is a good strategy.

7. Use hashtags

The hashtags are an important tool of Instagram so you should know how to use them correctly on your posts. Be strategic with the hashtags you want to use. Using 3 to 5 hashtags is a great amount on Instagram.

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