Krimston Two Review – Use Dual SIM in iPhone 7 / 8 – Dual SIM case for iPhone

Krimston Two Review

This is review of Krimston Two which is essentially a case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. It caters to people who travel abroad a lot. Instead of constantly swapping out your SIM cards in your iPhone 7/8, all you have to do is buy Krimston Two case that gives your iPhone dual SIM functionality.

Instead of using your regular SIM abroad, you can pick up local SIM and avoid getting charged crazily on roaming fees. It totally eliminates the hassle of swapping out your SIM card when you are abroad.

Krimston Two Review

Krimston Two review – How does the magic happens?

Krimston Two houses a nano SIM slot so you can put a local SIM in there and what that allows you to do is place phone calls and send messages – just like the main SIM in your iPhone 7/8.

Krimston Two Review

First, you remove the top part of the case and place your second SIM in slot. Then, slide your iPhone, connecting it using the lightening connector. Put the top part back. Then, download the (free) official Krimston Two app from the app store and you are good to go.

krimston case app

Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to use data connection of second SIM slot. Make sure to put data SIM in iPhone’s SIM card slot.

Krimston Two Review

The case definitely makes your phone looks like Google Pixel phone from the back. It has matte rubbery surface that prevents it from getting slipped. Overall, it looks and feels premium. I like it.

Krimston Two review – extra features!

Krimston Two case has built in 2200mAh battery that can be used to charge your iPhone when needed. It is indeed very well designed and lets you access all functions of iPhone. You won’t have to take it out of case for charging or taking a picture.

Where to buy Krimston Two?

Krimston Two retails for INR 6999 and can bought from Amazon India. Non-indian users can buy it from for about $109. It is also available for iPhone 6/6s and iPhone X.

Krimston Two review – Verdict

This is the best solution to attain dual SIM functionality on iPhone 7 / 8. It doubles as battery bank and protects the phone at same time. It feels good in hand too. However, it does not let you use data so you must plan in advance for that. It also makes your iPhone a bit chunkier but we can forgive it for that since that chunk contains battery pack. I loved my Krimston case and I’m sure you will love it too.