JioSaavn brings 5-second non-dismissible Ad in its app

jiosaavn ad

JioSaavn is now the largest audio streaming service since it is available for free to every Jio subscriber. Today, the company behind it has churned out 5-second non-dismissible add that it claims gives maximum visibility as first impression – talk about destroying user experience.

This will be a huge money maker for Jio since caters to 340 million users in India. It is a direct competitor to Spotify, Airtel Wynk and Amazon Music, none of which have non dismissible ad.

Advertisers can now choose from two products – Maximus and Showcase. Maximus shows an irritating ad for 5 seconds that cannot be dismissed by user. Showcase, on other hand, lets user interact with ad and like Maximus, you cannot remove or dismiss it.

Gaurav Kaushik, Global Vice President, Advertising Platform, JioSaavn, is actually very proud by this move. He says this is designed for high visibility and maximum reach. He adds that Jio is committed to deliver most effective ad experience possible for our brands. The newest offering is an opportunity to go outside small targeted areas to reach all of our listeners.

We believe this is a greedy move by JioSaavn and will reduce usage. 5 second non dismissible advertisements will push users to other alternatives.