Got an EEE? Try Leeenux!

There have been countless Linux distros tailormade for the netbooks (firefly, eeebuntu 1, eeebuntu 2, eeebuntu 3, Ubuntu Netbook Remix, Jolicloud etc).


Leeenux is not much different. Immediately after the Leeenux is loaded you will find striking resemblance with the Ubuntu Unity / Netbook Remix which has been bluntly copied by the folks at Jolicoud.

The good thing about the Leeenux is that the operating system takes up only 1.2GB of disk space. More and more distributions have now phased-out support for the 7-inch eee 700-series, but Leeenux is not one of them. It is reported to work like a charm on the EEE 700-series.

The 2.0 update brings the new Firefox 3.7 beta, Thunderbird along with SNES and Sega Genesis emulators to keep you busy during the free time. Download size is just 359MB.

I’ve tried several distributions on my EEE PC 701 2G and most were impossible to install or if I could install them then there was about 1% free space. Leenux is easy to install and works great.

If you love the OS, you can support the developer too by making a small donation.