Why Apple iPad does NOT suck

After watching plethora of websites pre-maturely dismissing iPad as a glorified iPhone, I am forced to clear some misconceptions about the iPad.

ipad 1

It does not support Multi-Tasking: Yes, it does sucks that a tablet which is about the size of a netbook (width-wise) cannot multi-task. But, the upcoming iPhone 4.0 OS will bring in the functionality to multi-task.

No Flash integration in Safari web-browser: Seriously, who needs to watch flash video in a tiny window or do you want to watch those Google ads that require flash plugin? I know, YouTube requires flash and YouTube app is included which works like a charm. Even if Adobe releases an in-browser flash plugin for the iPad, I would love to turn it off. I am using Flash block in Firefox on my netbook to stop the flash content from running when the page is loaded (as it simply slows down the whole system).

Input: Some are saying that it is difficult to enter data on iPad. Since when was data entry fun on a tablet? iPad is a sofa device, not your netbook or notebook. For those who don’t know, HTC tried to implement flash in the web-browser in the HTC Hero and it slowed down the whole device considerably when viewing a webpage using flash

However, I personally do admit that it does costs a Benjamin more than the netbooks that you see around. But, then Apple products have never been cheap, unless you are talking about their iPod range.

A comment from our reader,

I am going to disagree here. The reason is that the device is just not enough today. You are right that they will add multitasking, but by then netbooks will have improved as well. If you look at it today, it’s a no brainer. The netbook is not a “Benjamin” less, it’s much less money for much more.

To begin to compare the iPad to a netbook you need to go to the $829 model. For $829 you get 64Gb of storage and connectivity. For $299 on a netbook you can get a 160-200 Gb hard drive along with 2Gb of RAM memory. In addition, it runs a full version of the OS and thus runs real applications and not just mobile apps.

You are correct that the iPad hits a different audience. However, that audience is the book reader audience. It’s not an all in once device (as I had hoped for) and it seems pricy to me for what it does. If this device were $199 for the base version and $399 for the top version then I migh see it being an addition to peoples computer arsenal sitting between an iPhone and laptop. But if this unit is as expensive as a laptop then I don’t think it will get much attention.

Finally, I think that they need to get some better form of text entry. I was an apple Newton user back in the day and the hanwrighting entry was very cool. You would think that 15 years later they could have blown this away on a new device. Yet it is a step backward. Bummer.