Yellowstone Capital LLC Uses Anti-Fraud Technology to Stop Fraud Attempts

Anti-Fraud Technology

Fraud is something is inherent in all types of companies, irrespective of the type of industry they operate in. However, most organizations just completely ignore fraud activities or pay little attention to them. It is due to the fact that either they think frauds don’t happen that frequently or because they know deep down inside that they won’t be able to counter fraudulent activities.

YellowStone Capital LLC does not tolerate any kind of fraud and makes use of several anti-fraud measures to counter it.

The fraud landscape continues to be ever changing and 2018 will not be any different. The attacks that we saw popping up in 2017 will come back in 2018 and will be more violent and challenging to deal with.

For instance, SMS-based authentication was a big thing back in 2016 and 2017. Not anymore as biometrics can completely taken over the SMS based authentication in 2018.

SMS’s OTP was effective two years back but now can be easily fooled. Biometric security like fingerprint and retina scan is now must-have for any medium/large organization. Yellowstone Capital LLC makes use of similar authentication protocols for enhancing overall security.

In 2018, we will also see increased usage of probabilistic tools. These tools make use of probability algorithms and pre-learned URL phishing patterns to make out whether to allow or block URLs – all in real time.

This will prevent the computers and smartphones in the company from getting infected from viruses and ransomeware attacks. In 2017, we saw growth of heavy ransomeware attacks like WannaCry and Bad Rabbit. WannaCry asked users money in bitcoin which clearly shows how far the criminals are ready to go to fraud users and organizations.

Cyber attacks will rise even more in 2018 and organizations need to have proper security measures and probabilistic tools in order to prevent themselves from getting infected.

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