Which is better Trezor / Ledger or USB?

Trezor Ledger or USB

Ledger is great for protecting against remote attacks, it’s still only as secure as the paper you wrote the seed on though.  So which is better Trezor / Ledger or USB? Let us take look at pros and cons of both hardware wallet and USB. They both have their strong and weak points.

* private key never leaves the device, it never shows anywhere nor you never have to type it, device itself acts as a key to access your wallet
* physical buttons to confirm transactions, no one can remotely accept the transactions
* can be used safely on pc’s with malwares/keyloggers/whatever
* open source
* designed to break completely in case someone tries to rig the device
* only way to steal the funds is either to 1. know the pin code and physically hold the device or 2. know the 24 word seed to back up the wallet

* private key always visible
* anyone could remotely accept the transactions on your wallet of choice
* stealing funds requires a keylogger written in visual basics by a 10-year-old or simply steal the USB.

Ledger is a better choice especially in world of viruses and trojans.

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