Spigen Dual Hybrid Case review for Samsung Galaxy S8

Spigen Galaxy S8 review

After an year of holding onto really bad Galaxy S8 cases, I finally decided to buy a nice, high quality case from Spigen. Spigen is a well known company for making excellent smartphone cases and accessories and this one is no exception.

I bought this dual hybrid Spigen case for Galaxy S8 as it matches the golden back and looks smashing.

The dual hybrid cases are semi rugged and definitely helps in protecting your Galaxy S8 which, to be honest, is quite fragile. While I have not done any drop tests with it, it will protect the fragile curved display and glass back.
Spigen Dual Hybrid Case review for Samsung Galaxy S8

Installation was straightforward – first install the rubber part and then the metal part.

There are openings for dual microphones (placed on top and bottom of S8), headphone jack, camera, flash and charging port. Power button, bixby button and volume buttons are covered but offer great feedback when pressed through case. This ensures you don’t have take the phone out of case for doing stuff, like take a picture and charging your Galaxy S8.

Oh yes, that is the Galaxy S10 official wallpaper on my S8. 

Samsung Galaxy S8 Spigen Dual Hybrid Case review

Verdict- A lovely case for Galaxy S8. I love the fact it provides decent protection while keeping overall profile slim.