3 Reasons To Get A More Powerful Phone Now

Mobile Phones

Phones are constant parts of everyday life in today’s modern world. Whether we’re checking social media, texting friends, or actually answering calls, we need them almost as if they’re extensions of us. Yet even as this becomes more and more true, there are a lot of people who choose not to upgrade their phones. Now, this can certainly make sense in some cases, and in others it cana be a financial decision, which it’s not our place to judge. However, with new innovations coming to mobile phone use, there are also still good reasons to upgrade to a more powerful option if you’ve been sticking with an older model.

1. AR Technology

The biggest upcoming development for phones, and therefore (arguably) the biggest reason to upgrade to a new phone soon, is the inevitable rollout of better AR apps and technology. AR, which stands for augmented reality, is a long-promised technological development that will allow phones to overlay digital images into the real world. Imagine being able to point your phone’s camera at a restaurant and have it instantly pull up records, reviews and menus, with no search required; or think of games like Pokémon GO that actually show the lovable creatures out and about as part of everyday life. This tech exists today, but it’s expected to get much better in the near future, in part with assistance from better phones.

2. Pay-By-Phone Gambling

With casino gaming and online gambling expanding around the world, tech has evolved to facilitate further development. One of the most creative instances of this we’ve seen has been the advent of pay-by-phone gambling systems. This new way to game sees players using their phones as payment methods – not by way of a digital payment or deposit, but by bill. This effectively negates the need to plug in any credit card or PayPal information, but also highlights the need for a compatible device and strong security (so that your data isn’t manipulated in a way that makes you pay more than you ought to). Particularly if this payment method spreads to other forms of gaming, or other digital industries altogether, it may drive a need for updated devices.

3. Additional Security and Control

This next part is going to sound like science fiction, but it’s all too real, and it could be coming sooner than you think. Scientists at places like MIT and Building 8 are hard at work developing technology that will allow potential users to interact with their phones without the need for touch or voice. A device known as AlterEgo has made great strides towards actually allowing phone owners to control aspects of the device just by thinking, via a technique known as “silent speech.” It certainly sounds futuristic, but a few years ago, so did the idea of interacting with machines just by talking to them, or engaging with virtual projections in AR. If ion fact this tech emerges for mass use in the coming years, it’s highly likely that it will require the very latest and most powerful phones to operate.