There has been a smartphone development for a while now by the company Nextbit. Their goal was to create a cloud based smartphone, which has already gotten people’s attention. This startup tech company is being run by a former Google executive and a former HTC executive. They had put up a Kickstarter campaign to help raise money for the development and competition of Nextbit’s cloud based smartphone called “Robin.” People who pledged more than $299 would receive the phone and a charging cable. Within one day, the company raised their goal amount of $500,000. The public’s interest in this phone was a shock to CEO and co-founder Tom Moss. But what this proves is that new smartphone technology is a huge marketplace and will always attract people to it.

The great thing about this cloud based smartphone is that it will have up to 100GB of cloud storage and 32GB of internal storage. Most smartphones store data on its SD card or internal memory, which are both very limited. The typical SD card for a smartphone will hold up to 32GB of data. If you are someone who downloads lots of videos and pictures onto their smartphone, then 32GB would get used up pretty fast. But with the cloud based smartphone, most of the memory you store runs off a cloud server that connects to your phone through the internet. This includes memory used for storing apps and files as well. Imagine being able to play a game or use a piece of software that isn’t even running off your smartphone, but rather a cloud server somewhere else. This is truly the new age for smartphone technology and it is only getting better. The best part is that if you lose or damage your smartphone, all of the memory will stay stored on the cloud server and can be retrieved when you get a new smartphone. This alone has consumers going wild over the Nextbit Robin smartphone.

There are many other great things about the Nextbit Robin. It has a comfortable design with buttons that are symmetrically placed and the battery life lasts for a long time. The cost of the smartphone should be pretty affordable. If you were to make the pledge right now you can get it for $299. The price is likely to go up later on after it is officially released in retail stores. Since smartphones are usually priced based on the amount of memory they can store, the Nextbit Robin may prove itself to be big competition to the other brand named smartphones on the market.