Samsung PM1633a 16TB SSD launched

Samsung PM1633a review

Samsung has just released a check to manufacturers of mechanical hard drives with the announcement of SSD largest capacity in the world, the Samsung PM1633a 15.36 TB (terabytes) of capacity.

Initially unveiled at the Flash Memory Summit in August 2015, the Samsung PM1633a uses a 12 Gbps SAS interface so it is logically oriented business environments. However, it maintains the usual 2.5-inch format so it can be integrated into standard discs cabins and 2U 19-inch thick.

This new giant Samsung SSD 512 uses V-NAND chips 256GB each, manufactured by Samsung itself. 256 Gb chips are stacked in 16 layers to form “packages” of 512 GB, with a total of 32 of these integrated SSD PCB packages. And thanks to Samsung also own controller, these SSDs deliver throughput up to 1,200 MB / s both reading and writing (remember that SAS interface has 12 Gbps) with up to 200,000 IOPS read and 32,000 write IOPS.

In addition, and given that it is oriented business environments SSD has exceptional durability, and Samsung defines 1 DWPD (drive writes per day), which means supporting a writing 15.36 TB of data every day without degrading. In addition, of course, the device has numerous data protection technologies already know too well that today are essential in any SSD, even home. In fact, the ability of these SSDs is so unconventional that the device includes memory chips “surplus” so that when the unit detects a degraded despises chip and put one of the remnants in place, ensuring the integrity of the data.

It is noteworthy that Samsung will offer these SSDs in capacities of 15.36 TB 7.68 TB 3.84 TB and 960 GB, but so far has not revealed the price will these units. In any case, the company has put in check the mechanical hard drive manufacturers as we said at the beginning, because in reality the only card that had these so far with respect to solid state devices was greater capacity.

Now it remains to be seen what price puts Samsung these SSDs to make an assessment of what is worth more, and on the other hand if the company will in the domestic market which is what interests us most to us, because offer an SSD of 15.36 TB is certainly news to be a milestone in the industry, but it is not something that can get us to interest users walk at this time.

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